December 27, 2006

ICU leaders resign as Ethiopian army nears the capital

(SomaliNet) The top leaders of Islamic Courts Union in the capital have announced on Wednesday that they resigned and are ready to hand over the administration to the people in Mogadishu to avoid destruction and bloodshed in the city.

After having crucial and urgent meeting tonight in the capital, the leaders of executive and Shura councils of Islamic Courts Union and deputy leader of executive council of ICU, Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed and Sheik Abdirahman Janaqow resigned and issued a joint press statement over the current situation in Somalia particular in Mogadishu.

Sheik Janaqow read out the statement through the local media saying:

“Since the Islamic Courts Union came to the power in Somalia, it did a lot of significant acts to the people, particular in terms of security, justice, country’s development, improving the inner and outside politics, reopening the air and sea ports and so on,” said in the statement.

The ICU said also in the press release that foreign powers have invaded the country therefore to avoid devastation and fighting inside the capital, the Islamic Courts Union now agreed on the following decisions:

1. It is national duty to protect the sovereignty and the integrity of Somalia and its people.

2. The ICU allows that Somalis should have the option to determine their future and would be ready for taking over the responsibility.

3. The Islamic Courts Union agreed not to allow anyone to create violence in Mogadishu and anybody that is found guilty would be brought before the law and would be taken for the suitable punishment according to the Islamic Sharia.

4. The ICU fighters are responsible for establishing the security and stability in the Somalia capital Mogadishu.

5. Lastly, the ICU is calling on all the Islamic fighters in whereever they are in Somalia to secure the stability and get ready in the police stations and other security stations.

The Islamic officials in the capital stressed that it is shame and misfortune that Somalia will again loss their security and peace in which they were brought from starting village, town, city and to country.

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