December 26, 2006

Islamic Courts vacate Burhakaba

Tue. December 26, 2006 12:10 am.
(SomaliNet) SomaliNet reporter, Mohamed Sidi has left Baidao and is now heading to Burhakaba which lies in between Baidao and Mogadishu to see the first hand of what's taking place after the Islamic Courts retreated from the town in hurry. According to a Burhakaba resident, the courts left battle wagons and large quantity of military supplies behind.

Government and Ethiopian forces managed to break the court's defense line between Baidao and Burhakaba after many days of intense fighting.

The courts also vacated Dinsor town, west of Baidao. Full report will be posted as soon as Mr. Sidi reaches Burhakaba.

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