January 07, 2007

Ethiopia bombs Kenyan village, 400 refugees expelled

(SomaliNet) Following reports that the Ethiopian Air Force helicopters pursuing the Somali militia had bombed a village on the Kenyan side of the border, Kenya has closed its border with Somalia and expelled over 400 refugees in a valiant move to lock out fleeing armed Islamic Union Courts fighters.

Some Kenyan villagers in the hamlet - inhabited by pastoralists - may have died and several injured in the attack according to unconfirmed reports.

However, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs minister Raphael Tuju denied it happened. "There is no such thing, it is a rumour".

Kenya’s Government Spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua re-echoed the denial by the foreign minister.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopians have invaded Somalia to help soldiers of Somalia's fledgling Transitional National Government to battle the Islamists, who had taken control of key towns in the war-torn country.

The joint force managed to beat back the militia, routing them from Baidoa, the seat of the interim government, Mogadishu and their last bastion in Kismayu thus forcing the Islamists to flee towards Kenya, with the well-equipped Ethiopian troops in hot pursuit.-East African Standard.
News Source: SomaliNet
Picture: www.planet.nl

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