January 18, 2007

OLF urges humanitarian aid to Oromo refugees in Somalia

Oromo Liberation Front

OLF statement on Oromo refugees in the Horn of Africa

Jan 16, 2007 — The drama unfolding itself in the Horn of Africa should be shocking for all its inhabitants for it brings to memory the commotions of the 19th century colonial wars. Now as then, a power with modern superior war machines and green light from different quarters for different ends have over run them all reaching the Indian Ocean unabated.

Around fifteen years ago the present Ethiopian conquistador re-conquered the Ethiopian empire with collaboration of prisoners of war that it organized into surrogate groups suffixed People’s Democratic Organization (PDO). That is the model it knows and that is what it is going to awash the Somali people with.

Ethiopia is the poorest country in the world. AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are wiping out its population. Let alone fuel for war plane, tanks and bombs that cross the boarder it did not afford medicine against these diseases and is going around begging the world to do its duties for it. Over and above this, its human right abuses are beyond imagination. The oppression within the Ethiopian empire had reached a stage where it is no more bearable without consequences.

All peace loving international human right organizations, governments and individuals are airing their concern over the atrocities the Ethiopian regime daily commits. It is this same regime that has now crossed its borders diverting relief funds to a war that has no moral or legal basis.

Many people had fled their beloved country at different times under different Ethiopian regimes and lived in neighbouring countries as refugees. One of these neighbouring countries where many refuge seekers got shelter was Somalia. Among these are a substantial number of Oromo nationals who fled to Somalia at different times since the 1960s. Their tormentors have now followed them to this country where they had lived with relative calm. The pbetext used by the regime is helping the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia but the truth is diverting internal and external attention from the atrocities it has been committing domestically. By destabilizing the region it is intending to stay in pkwer for some more years. It is a terrorist regime that is citing anti-terrorist manifesto for its own purpose.

Now it is being reported that the Ethiopian regime’s security forces are arresting, murdering and maiming Oromo refugees at will under a situation where their protectors could not save themselves let alone giving these Oromo nationals a refuge. They had run away living behind their loved ones and their beloved country hoping that the world would come to its senses and one day come to their help. It is unfortunate that no one is coming to their rescue. They could also run no more. In front of them is the Indian Ocean and on their heels are enemy war planes, tanks, artillery and infantry. Their only chance is perishing away from the eyes of the world.

We are confident, however, that even during this trying period the Somali people would not give them up easily. They are the only ones, who cmuld salvage what ever is left from onslaught. Here, we do not want to pass without expressing our sympathies to the farmers and herdsmen of Juba valley that are being punished for a conflict they know nothing about. We hope the international community would rally to their rescue and bring out the implications to light.

The tyrannical government of Ethiopian is a member of the UN and an ally of the US. We believe these two bodies can hold it accountable for the crimes it is committing against humanity in general and Oromo refugees in particular. With this understanding we appeal to the UN and US Government and all human right Organizations and the international Red Cross to pay attention to the wellbeing of Oromo refugees in Somalia in particular and the Horn of Africa in general.

Finally, we would like to urge Oromo nationals, Oromo communities around the world, Oromo humanitarian organizations and all peace loving friends of Oromo to coordinate a humanitarian relief support for Oromo refugees in Somalia, In particular, bringing the plight of Oromo refugees to the attention of the wider world is the duty of tha Oromo diaspora. They are suffering only for being Oromo. The Oromo like all people of the world deserve a peaceful life and respect for their human rights.

Oromia shall be free!

Oromo Liberation Front

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