January 04, 2007

Six herdsmen killed in Somalia air strikes

(SomaliNet) Some six herdsmen could have died when Ethiopian helicopters struck targets inside Kenya, as the war between Ethiopian forces and the Islamists militia in Somalia surged onto the border with Kenya on Tuesday.

According to unconfirmed reports six unnamed Kenyan herdsmen were killed in the attack on Amey.

However, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs minister Raphael Tuju, Security officials and the provincial administration dismissed the reports as mere speculations.

The Kenyan foreign minister however, confirmed that the Kenya-Somali border had now been closed. There were also reports of civilian injuries but the nearby army and police forces, the apparent targets of Addis Ababa’s fire-power, were unscathed. The village was struck by four helicopters.
Thu. January 04, 2007
Also, a Kenyan Garissa District Commissioner Joseph Imbwaga, who overseas the administration of that affected region said after the raid by the low flying helicopters on Harehare township, a thinly populated post on the border, Kenyan authorities shut the international frontier to human and vehicle traffic.

Imbwaga said Wednesday that “as far as we (Kenya) are concerned our border with Somalia is not functional” and added that he was aware of a humanitarian crisis in Somalia’s Dobley town caused by hostilities and blockade of vehicles from Kenya.

Reports in Liboi suggested the Ethiopians mistook nearby Kenyan infantry troops and vehicles for fleeing UIC fighters in a case of mis-communication between the two armies.

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