July 16, 2007

Chronicle of an African Renaissance Foretold

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

As the massacres perpetrated by Meles Zenwai’s tribal soldiers plunge Ogaden in its millennia long History’s worst crisis, Ogadenis allover the world coordinate their reactions and intensify their activities in view of a Free Ogaden, devoid of Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian soldiers.

Back in Ogaden, the ONLF has taken control of a sizeable part of Ogaden’s undemocratically annexed territory; the fake ‘Ethiopian’ tyrant lost momentum, as recent events demonstrated clearly that ONLF has the possibility to efficiently defend the tyrannized Ogadenis against the governmental oppression, and at the same time to drastically damage any foreign intruder who, disregarding Human Rights’ violations and inhumanly imposed terror, closes lucrative deals with the unrepresentative and murderous tyrant Zenawi.

It is crystal clear that when the Ogadenis face extrajudicial killings, arrests and peremptory imprisonment, looting of personal belongings, and all sorts of humiliating treatment that cannot be tolerated even if applied to animals, no one can calmly exploit Ogaden’s natural resources, even if Zenawi’s greedy partner and myopic ally happens to be a significant power, China or the US.

On the other hand, the galaxies of the Ogadeni Communities abroad, either in Europe, in America or Africa, intensify their demonstrations, taking their Just and Noble Cause to the streets of Washington DC, European capitals, and other cities. Last week, a handful of manifestations took place, and Ogaden was more widely known to average Westerners who have not thus far had the chance to travel to that magnificent and marveling country, which was never a concern for package deals.

The urgency in the case of Ogaden, which can be called Africa’s first Darfur, hinges on the propinquity of Somalia, and the well documented need of the Somali Islamists to find possible allies among the oppressed and tyrannized African peoples.

The alliance of Liberation movements with the Somali extremists, and through them with al Qaeda, may be just a matter of time, very little time. It would offer Osama Bin Laden a multi-dimensional and exponential expansion; by selling arms to oppressed populations’ liberation fronts, the master of the Islamic Terror will attempt to viciously alter and definitely eradicate the traditionalist, tolerant and multi-faceted African Islam that is absolutely incompatible with the Saudi, Pakistani and Iraqi medressas of Terror.

This is what simple people allover the globe should realize; the best way to avert an Islamist explosion in Africa that would bring numerous regimes to knees, is to pressurize governments and administrations, politicians and statesmen, diplomats and military to take action now. Only free, independent, and democratically ruled peoples have no need of Islamic Terrorists, as they engage themselves in the path of progress and development.

An Independent Ogaden would be twice the size of Portugal, and more populated than Norway; it could be the focal point of Eastern African development, due to its rich soil.

It is within reach; AU and UN could expand their Somalia mission throughout Ogaden, which was illegally annexed by fake ‘Ethiopia’, by effectively replacing Amhara and Tigray soldiers and gendarmeries that are the means of Abyssinian oppression in Ogaden.

Then, following a UN monitored referendum, the Ogadenis could peacefully vote for their Independence, and like this the Western World could effectively promote the Cause of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, isolating and virtually canceling Al Qaeda’s chances in the Horn of Africa region.

I find it very important to add here a pertinent text that bears witness to Ogadenis’ political maturity and tolerance, realism and vision, as well as commitment to the liberation of their long tyrannize country.

It is a text issued during last week’s Ogadenis’ manifestations in Washington DC; the Declaration of the Ogaden American Community.

It heralds the long awaited Renaissance of Ogaden.

Declaration of the Ogaden American Community

We the Ogaden American Community,

Having witnessed what can only be described as war crimes currently being committed against innocent civilians in Ogaden by the Ethiopian Government,

Aware of the widespread detention of teachers, students, merchants, traditional elders and community activists in Ogaden by the Ethiopian regime without trial or just cause,

Concerned by the numerous cases of rape, torture, looting and public beatings the civilian population of Ogaden has had to endure at the hands of the Ethiopian regime,

Outraged by the economic blockade affecting the lives of countless citizens of Ogaden resulting in the skyrocketing of food prices and other consumer goods

Clear on the fact that this is a systematic campaign targeting the people of Ogaden because of their ethnicity and thus constituting war crimes and genocide by any definition,

Call on our government, the government of the United States of America and in particular the Secretary of State Ms. Condoleezza Rice to

1. End all non humanitarian assistance and in particular, military assistance to the Ethiopian regime.

2. Apply targeted sanctions against the leaders and army officers of the Ethiopian regime directly involved in the planning and execution of the campaign of genocide against the people of Ogaden.

3.Draft and Support a resolution in the United Nations Security Council calling for an immediate end to the genocide in Ogaden and instructing the dispatch of a

Security Council fact finding mission to Ogaden.

4. Facilitate a dialogue between the Ethiopian regime and the legitimate representatives of the people of Ogaden, the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).

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