July 10, 2007

News in pictures: Profiles Of The Terrorists

Updated 13:13, Tuesday July 10, 2007

Four men - all Muslims of African origin - have been found guilty of plotting to bomb London's transport system.

Ramzi Mohammed, 25, attempted to detonate a bomb on the Northern Line near Oval station.

He is a Somali national who came to Britain in the 1990s.

The two will be remembered by the public as the men captured in their underpants by armed police outside a Notting Hill flat.

He attended sermons at Finsbury Park Mosque by radical cleric Abu Hamza, and lived in a flat North Kensington.

CCTV footage from the train showed him turning his rucksack towards a woman with a child in a pushchair as he tried to detonate it.

He was seen fleeing the scene wearing a New York top, which prosecutors said was to evoke memories of September 11.

He left a suicide note, telling his family to "rejoice" at his actions.

Muktah Said Ibrahim, the plot's ringleader and bombmaker, was bo

rn in Eritrea and came to Britain in the 1990s to escape the war with Ethiopia.

He tried to set off a bomb on a bus near Bank station, although he claimed he had changed his mind on the day and it had gone off by mistake.

He became a practising Muslim in 2003 and regularly distributed Islamic literature in London. He had terrorism training in Sudan in 2003. He met two of the 7/7 bombers in Pakistan.

Yassin Hassan Omar, 26, attempted to detonate a bomb near Warren Street station.

He arrived in Britain from his native Somalia in 1992 aged 11 and was granted exceptional leave to remain in Britain in May 2000.

He lived in a flat with Muktar Ibrahim in New Southgate, north London, where he received housing benefit.

He was spotted fleeing London in a woman's burqa. When found by armed police, he was standing in a bath with a rucksack on his back.

Police thought the pack was a bomb and nearly shot him. He was also a follower of Abu Hamza after becoming interested in religion at about 18, when he started wearing traditional Muslim attire.

He got married at a hastily arranged ceremony just four days before the bombings.

Hussain Osman, 28, tried to detonate a bomb on a train at Shepherd's Bush.

He said he was born in Ethiopia and his real name was Handi Issac.

He lived in Italy during the early 1990s, and moved to Britain in 1996. He was living at a flat in Stockwell, south London, at the time of the attacks.

After his bomb failed to work, Osman jumped from the train, walked down the track and ran through an elderly couple's house.

He fled the country on a Eurostar train using someone else's passport and was finally arrested in Italy.

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