August 13, 2007

Northern Kenya Ahead of General election in Kenya

Abdulkadir Gumi

The Oromo-Boorana people of Northern Kenya are facing big challenge ahead of coming General-election.the cause of this are dozen of political parties beside the mama and baba {KANU} or ODM Kenya facing north to determine their strenght. I am sure by now the society have divided in which side to support or oppose depending from which clan,tribe an individual comes from as this was their tradition. So our learned brothers and sisters, how could you give this people direction,as the outcome of this election will either positively or negatively affect our Oromo community in general.

I ask My self now If i were to choose or go to bullot box to elect the member of parliament today who would I chose to Isiolo North/South? Marsabit and North Horr? Moyale, Burra and Hoola?Can You Help me Please solve this Question. the Question is How can and what can we do to elect a SAMPLE of Dr Guracha to the Kenya Parliament ? Need answer plz Oromo-Northers concerned try to discuss on this.

Lets stop the old mentality of "ABBO ATIN GOSII MAAL?" (what is your clan? ''GANDAA KAMII DHUFTEE?''(from where did you come from ?) Amantii te maali"? (What is your religion) .Ironically to the most nuclear segment of the community, the deadly virus called CLANISM which to most community of the country is long gone proverbial "gamme ateeti". what a pity! sadness never leave us, and i think if you are weak, everyone would want to test his might on you...

Those Borana-Oromos of kenyan Origin never recovered from Dhaaba during the early years of independence, but now histroy is repeating it self!!!!. still the clanism created by external WOYANE forces exist even on the far border into Kenya . We never said or did anything about Dhaaba in Kenya that Justified the cause by the government and now based on the past justification they repeating it.This will never end if we dont have a voice to raise!!! Please lets put our minds together as the elites of the community and fight the vices that takes us to stone age generation and think for the betterment of the This and coming generation and more so improve on our generation too.

Please speak up to be heard around the world

Speak for your people

Speak for Oromo and Oromia

Speak for OROMO UNITY.

Nothing will stand before us if we are still and united

Nageenni badhaadha Oromtichaafi Oromtitti!!

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