August 30, 2007

Operation Punch OPDO

Thursday, 08.30.2007, 06:22am (GMT)

Operation Punch OPDO

A Couple weeks a go we received a tip from OPDO insiders that OPDO is planning to have meeting on Sep. 2, 2007. Last year Abadula Gemeda had a meeting here in Minnesotalace and the meeting was kept secret to prevent a challenge. As a result he succeeded since no one heard of the meeting and there were 20 to 30 people whom they have paid under the cover of “Investment Opportunity”. Abadula boasted on Ethiopian TV saying how successful his meetings were here in Diaspora.

The same was intended for this meeting. So, once OPDO organizers found out more people heard about the meeting, they secretly changed the date of the Meeting to July 25. Then we heard about it less than 12 hours before the scheduled meeting. After exhaustive phone calls and text messages, a volunteer of 30-40 people were willing to go and challenge them.

We arrived at 2:00 p.m. which was the supposed meeting starting time. We sat around 30-45 minutes and they finally decided to start the meeting. The room that was reserved for the meeting was so small; it could probably hold 50-60. 90% of the participants were the people who we told to come to the secret meeting. There were only about 4-5 OPDO members present, the rest was us. The stage that was setup seems like a state that you would set up for a hall that can hold 2000-3000 people. Why big stage in small room? This only explains that the OPDOs were here to tape a video on big stage for a propaganda they would air on ETV.

The five so called “Delegates” Arrived finally and took their seat on stage prompting the start of the meeting. The delegates seemed to know nothing about the nature of the meeting nor did they predict what is about to happen. There were the so called delegates:

* Mohaammad Hussen -
* Muktaar Kadir ( Oromiya's V/ President)
* Alamaayyoo Atoomsaa
* Fiqaaduu Tassammaa
* Geetaachoo Badhaanee

Once Feysal (from DC Embassy) introduced Meles Zenawi's messengers and the agenda of the day, one of the participants raised a hand indicating procedural issue. But, the WOYANE/OPDO representative who do not understand the democratic behavior of meeting, refused to listen to any thing that the participants had to say. Since they realized there is no Agazi force that will protect them, they invited a security officer and instructed him to call a backup police to remove participants who raise hand to ask a question. But because 90% of the participants believed there is a procedural error to start the meeting, one police removes one person another one follows with question.

Feysal who was refusing to listen to any one and determined not to give a hand to participants, decided to end the meeting instead. This was just the beginning of the story.

Everyone got up from their chair and walked to the stage to ask the so called “delegates” why they are sitting there with out saying a single word while the chaos is going on inside the meeting hall, and they responded by waiving their hands indicating that they have no clued and just waiting the command to speak from Feysal. Once the “delegates” felt threatened they decided to march off the stage. This was when everyone put them in circle and marched with them calling them "thief, thief, blood suckers, and Meles Zenawi's puppets" and so on¦

The marched seemed to take forever considering that they are walking out of the meeting hall, through the long hall way heading to the hotel lobby. These confused delegates did not know what to do once they get there, they looked to the left to the police, and the police looked at them like bystander. They looked to the right they saw the growing crowed that is ready to eat them alive. The so called "Oromia V/ President" was sweating as if he was playing soccer.

Once of their loyal local member from Minnesota called "Madda" decided to pick a fight with a little girl, at this time the audience shoved him to the corner beaten him and tossed him out of the hotel through emergency exist. The rest of the five delegates were looking for the way out of this crisis, and the guy called "Feysal" remained in the meeting hall out of fear. As they were passing by the elevator, the OPDO delegates thought it is an easy exists to get in to elevator to skip the chanting of the angry crowed. They started to shove the people as they were used to when they had the agazi force on their side. Once they go to elevator, the people who got shoved by them decided to join them in to elevators.

The youth who got in to elevator with them started to punch kick the hell out of them and that is when they decided to run out of the elevator. But, the determined youth started to chase them across the hall way with plenty of punches and kicks as a retaliation. The police stood by and looked at it like movie. Once the determined youth had enough, the delegates run away to the close by bar inside the hotel.

The youth and others walked out of the hotel, through the police officers who were standing outside chanting to their cars. Police arrested three people and then let them all go.

Later that evening we heard that the V/ President of Oromia Mr. Muktar have been admitted to Emergency Room at one of the local hospital. Next day morning they decided to depart to DC and we noted Muktar had stitches covering his face and all of them had bruises. If they ever come back to our home away from home state, they better buy good life insurance!

Then we said, job well done. we did it!!!

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