August 14, 2007

The TPLF Regime's Appalling Human Rights Violations Must Be Stopped

OLF Press Release

The Ethiopian government, dominated by a Tigrean minority ethnic group, has continued massive arrest and detention of innocent civilians suspected of opposing the dictatorial regime or supporting the Oromo Liberation Front. For example, in a recent TPLF’s military and security forces expedition into Shambu, a town in East Wallaga, hundreds of innocent civilians were arrested and still linger in detention. The town of Shambu was virtually under a Tigrean siege from July 31, 2007 through August 3, 2007. Among individuals arrested during these raids are:

1. Mosisa Jalata, a pharmacist

2. Gadafa Tolera, project manager of an NGO - Education for Development

3. Tesfaye Hordofa, civil servant

4. Marga Wirtu, a teacher

5. Gudata Ayana, a businessman

6. Dr. Haile, veterinarian

7. Dhaba Kumssa, a businessman

8. Amsalu Tolassa, civil servant

9. Itafa Jirata, civil servant- Shambu Agricultural Office

The Tigrean army also confiscated private properties of the arrested individuals including cash, radios, and mobile phones without any legal process The army in Shambu was guided by a few local renegades.

Arrests also continue in other districts of Horro Guduru. About 10 Oromos including a man named Tadesse Dhinssa, a health officer in Abe Dongoro, are reported jailed in Tullu Wayu. The Tigrean army is now stationed in newly established camps in East Wallaga. We have reliable information, that this wave of arrest and military expansion is also taking place in Abay Choman, Jimma Ganati, Amuru and Jarte as well as other regions of Oromia.

The OLF wants to register its serious concern regarding the deteriorating Human Rights abuse and the grave danger the country is facing under the minority based TPLF’s tyrannical rule. We call upon all concerned governments, international organizations, and NGOs to denounce that TPLF regime’s appalling human rights violations and take all necessary measures to thwart an emerging tragedy.

Victory to the Oromo People!

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