August 05, 2007

Wake up, Oromos! (Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin)

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

August 5, 2007

Southern Sudan autonomous – following the Naivasha Agreement; Darfur protected by AU / UN military force – following the recent UN resolution; the war of Southern Somalia expands over Ogaden, turning the much loathed Meles Zenawi tyranny to ground. The most inhuman tyranny in the world cannot contain the countries invaded and oppressed by their monarchical ancestors over the span of the last 120 years; it needs US arms that will have great difficulty to get now that more and more people know that Meles is the African name of Hitler.

Where are the Oromos?

One would consider that the occasion is most propitious for Oromos to reach the long-held dream of Independence. But for the time being, nothing! It seems that everything is perfect in Biyya Oromo, and all the Oromos are happy with the tyranny the Tigray tribal thugs of Meles Zenawi have arranged for them!

A multitude of parties, organizations, liberation fronts and associations of all sorts are unable to join forces and discuss Unity.

Divided, manipulated, easily orchestrated without understanding it, the various elements of Oromo opposition look like the most uncoordinated political forces in Africa.

Oromo leaders in Finfinne

Those based in occupied Biyya Oromo have no courage to articulate a word about the infinite jails where hundreds of thousands of Oromos are treated as insects.

What can they be possibly afraid of?

Can a leader be Leader if he does not dare speak about his People's Right to Independence?

Can a leader be Leader if he is afraid to be imprisoned and tortured? Would it be so terrible in jail after all? Whom would an Oromo leader meet in a jail like Kaliti? Other Oromos or Sidamas, Ogadenis, Afars and other innocent victims of the Neo-Nazi Meles’ paroxysm of tyranny. Is that not honorable to be with them, instead of associating himself with the lewdest and the lowest of the African butchers?

Oromo leaders abroad

Those based abroad can certainly be proud for having spent several years in clandestine struggle, prison, and nightmarish persecution; they escaped from the Morgue ‘Ethiopia’. They tried to carry out the good work to advocate, to publicize, to organize the struggle from distance, and to contact representatives of other peoples, diplomats of civilized countries, international bodies, NGOs, academia, and administrations.

Their concern and effort were honorable; but were they effective enough?

They brought with them to the four cardinal points the entire diversity and the multiplicity of the Oromo society, so multicultural, multi-religious, and ultimately colourful.

One should envy the descendants of a traditional democratic system of society, the poorly known in the West Gadaa system, and should admire the African people whose parts with serenity ascribe themselves to either Islam, Christianity or Waaqefanna, the monotheistic and aniconic traditional Oromo religion that stipulates that the Great and Invisible Waaqo is the Great Architect of the Universe.

Who can be prouder than an Oromo for the variety among the Arsi, the Borana, the Wollo, the Tullama and the other, in total 12, Oromo Galaxies?

But all this should be forgotten for an hour, for a minute, for a second.

For the time of Unity and Last Fight!

Unity of all the Oromo fronts, parties and organizations

Who does not see how close the Independent Biyya Oromo is?

Who cannot see that the last effort will be undertaken only through Monolithic Unity?

United, the Oromos will appear as credible interlocutors of governments and international bodies.

United, the Oromos will not be exposed to the lies of various administrations, colonial and / or post-colonial, that have it easy to promise without delivering, and to manipulate the divided ones, causing tremendous damage and ultimately canceling the Independence perspective.

United, the Oromos will drive the paranoid tyrant Meles to voluntary exile, because the moment of Oromos’ Unity will sound as his death warranty.

The Unity should start among the Oromos abroad. An extraordinary conference should be held to settle all existing issues, and to herald the Unity – Uniformity of all the Oromo political fronts, parties and associations into one Independent Biyya Oromo.

The entire final success will come after Unity, and if they fail in this, Oromos leaders will fail in everything. That’s is why the last 10 meters before the Free Finfinne become so important a distance to describe and to analyze. On this we will focus in a series of forthcoming articles.

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