September 24, 2007

The Fascist Meles Zenawi Regime of Ethiopia Should be denounced by all on International Freedom of Press Day

The Fascist Meles Zenawi Regime of Ethiopia Should be denounced by all on International Freedom of Press Day

On September 28, 2007, the world celebrates International Freedom of Press. September 28 is celebrated every year by all countries of the world as the International Freedom of Press Day or The Right to Information Day. This day is the day where countries and governments of the world pledge to respect the rights of their citizens of speaking and writing and of getting and exchanging information in general. On this day governments investigate those who violate these rights based on international laws and the law and constitution of their respective countries. It is a day where those governments who respect freedom of press are commended and those who violate those rights be condemned.

The current TPLF/EPRDF regime of Meles Zenawi is known for suppressing freedom of press and harassing, imprisoning and killings of journalists in its 16 years of holding power. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reports every year that this regime considers freedom of press and free media as number one enemy of its tyrannical rule and existence. In today’s Ethiopia all free media such as radio, television, newspapers, websites …etc. are non-existent and/or closed except for those who are affiliated with the TPLF regime and its members. Websites of opposition parties such as that of OLF, ONLF, SLF and many others are blocked by Meles’ tyrannical regime and cannot be accessed in Ethiopia. Currently the government is sabotaging and/or attempting to jam the functioning of radio programs such as VOL (Voice of Oromo Liberation), Radio Huriya (ONLF), Tinsae (CUDP), including the independent and internationally known radio programs such as SUBE, VOA, and DW.

There are reliable reports that the regime is investing billions of dollars for jamming the above radio stations in collaboration with a super power in Asia. In addition to this the regime is engaged in a campaign and sabotage for the closure of opposition media by lobbying and bribing international companies renting radio airtimes and websites in order for the government to rule over 70 million people under subjugation by depriving the people the right to information. Moreover, the Woyane regime is promoting the same policy of silencing the media in Somalia. In collaboration with the current puppet TFG of Somalia the Woyane soldiers are engaged in harassing, arresting and murdering free press journalists, and closed free radios and websites.

The dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi is probably the number one enemy of free press and media in the world. The objective of this regime is clear: to tyrannically rule the people by putting them in darkness where the people cannot raise any questions to the atrocities perpetrated by the regime. Such an evil policy of depriving the people freedom of information pursues by the terrorist regime of TPLF/EPRDF should be strongly condemned by all on September 28, 2007.

Editorial Statement of OLF

September 23, 2007

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