February 23, 2008

East Africa, from Tyranny to Liberation or Death

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
February 22, 2008

The oppression and the massacres of numerous East African nations is an undeniable fact. From Darfur to the borders of Tanzania a great number of nations live under absolutely unacceptable conditions.

A veil of Death extends throughout a vast area that has all it takes to ensure human dignity, freedom, progress, prosperity and happiness to all the inhabitants.

To find the reasons of the present situation in the colonization times of Africa explains much of the troubles attested.

To attribute most of the responsibility to the present dictators and tyrannical elites helps us realize some critical dimensions of the problem.

To unveil existing plans that are about to trigger further deterioration of the already disastrous situation of East Africa enables us to expect the worse.

How worse can East Africa turn?

Should we expect to attest in East Africa what is evident now for the world-forgotten Congo, with 5 million dead over the past 10 years?

But is the forthcoming deterioration inevitable?

And do the leaders of the various liberation fronts, movements, organizations and associations not bear any part of responsibility for the present situation?

The Myth of the Liberation Fronts

There is a simple way of viewing things; a people invaded a foreign land, subjugated the indigenous population, and the tyranny produced a reaction, namely the establishment of a liberation front with mission to end the tyranny.

Then, this Manichaeism, the polarization between the foreign ruling class and the local opposition continued for many long decades. However, always for a different reason, this polarization never ended.

For this approach, things are simple; there are the bad guys and the good guys. One day the good guys will kick out the evil ones, and all will be fine!

This is the Myth of the Liberation Fronts – professionalized elites that are part of a world system that

1) does not accept the rise of an uncontrolled nation to national independence,

2) does not agree with the axiom - equation "For every Nation one State", and

3) does not allow the prevalence and the diffusion of the moral values of all these oppressed nations.

These elites of permanent opposition do not know that they are organic parts of the world system, and do not realize that they have no chance to lead their nation to independence – except if they agree to contribute to the metamorphosis of their nation into a colourless and harmless morpheme ready to be absorbed by the dehumanizing machine of the present world system.
What these elites of permanent opposition never imagined is that the inexorable wealth of their culture consists in a lethal enemy for the prevailing world system that cannot afford to cohabitate with a marginal system that, contrarily to the world system, has moral values.

Who would allow a country to implement Gadaa System in 2008?

To give an example, we will refer to the Ancient and Noble Nation of the Oromos. If we suppose that tomorrow an independent Biyya Oromo state is formed and its constitution comprehensively and appreciably stipulates Gadaa, the traditional Oromo social organization system, as the social structure of the independent Oromo state, the new state will automatically be at the antipodes of the world system, as long as it sticks to the traditional Oromo values of Gadaa.

Worse, its existence will be taken as a threatening element by the world elites that gradually but methodically imposed an absolutely immoral and utterly inhuman world.

The Liberation of the Liberation Fronts

Yet, these oppositional elites, which have long been manipulated in order to help eternalize their nations´ unfortunate situation and conditions of life, never imagined that their only chance to achieve what seemed for decades to be a faraway dream is a double change:

a. they must stop contacting European and American administrations in the help of funds, subsidies, military aid, support, and advice (as it will either have a heavy price or be misleading), and

b. they must focus on their values, their people, and the prevalence of their originality.

Only their values can help them motivate their tyrannized nations, stimulate the most enthusiastic part of them, and engage their forces in an unstoppable struggle for Independence.

This does not suggest that morality and moral concepts are inherent to Africa and Asia; the Western World had its own moral concepts, and even today many people in the West ascribe themselves of their moral principles.

The Struggle for National Liberation should then become a top moral engagement, a commitment to moral principles, a pledge for genuine moral values. All the liberation fronts and organizations, movements and associations should realize this reality and identify their effort as a Moral Issue. Only then, the faraway illusion of independence and justice will be a dream come true.

Otherwise, East Africa will soon make today´s Congo look as an ideal paradise.

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