March 19, 2008

Second UNHRC Monitor Relates Human Rights Concerns



As the first week of the UNHRC nears its close, the sessions have so far featured considerable lobbying by UNPO’s Mapuche, Oromo, and Sindh members.

The sessions have also see concern raised over disappearances in the Philippines and Russia while Angola came in for sustained criticism over prison conditions. Contentious debate also surfaced over calls for yet another special session of the HRC to be called on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Steps were also taken by UNPO, in support of other non-governmental organizations, to call for an independent investigation into the disturbances that had occurred and which are still going on in Tibet. For more information on the appeal, please follow this link:

Appeal for an Investigation into State Crimes In Tibet

To download the second edition of the UNPO Monitor, please click on the link to the PDF file below.

Report in PDF

UNPO Monitor 2008 (No.2).pdf

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