February 17, 2009

The Danger of Handing Over Ethiopians to the Czech Government

The Danger of Handing Over Ethiopians to the Czech Government

by Girma Degefa Geda
Feb 15, 2009
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Two Ethiopian engineers; Mr. Negussei Girma Tulu and Mr. Animut Demeke Tsegaye, have managed to escape from the brutal government of Ethiopia in recent days and applied to get political protection in Europe. Primarily due to their security, and back home for their family safety reasons, I didn't mention where they are sheltered, or which government gave them temporary political protection right now.

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Before 1991, when my original country, Ethiopia, was part of the socialist ideology blocks for about 17 years, the former communist government of Czechoslovakia was one of the core supporters of the Ethiopian young revolution. Czechoslovakia had been involved in the providing of different types of aid; specially, in the sector of military supports. Light and heavy automatic weapons, machineguns, launchers, explosives, different kind of ammunitions and other military hard wares used to flood from Prague.

With those military supplies, thanks to the former communist Czechoslovakia government, we Ethiopians lost our brothers and sisters who were opposed the military regime of Ethiopia. Around a half million innocent Ethiopian citizens were executed on the streets of cities and every corners of the country. The Joseph Stalin style of killings were committed in our older innocent generations by the Ethiopian military government official campaign name “The Red Terror” in the eyes of Czechoslovakia and other communist countries.

In 1991, the seventeen years old revolutionary government of Ethiopia was toppled by the freedom fighters who came from jungle. Its leaders went into exile, most of them locked into jail, and convicted to life in prison. Some of them sentenced to death including the former president, Mengistu Haile-Mariam, who has been living a well comfort life in Zimbabwe under the protection of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe's government since then.

Those new leaders who came from the jungle as freedom fighters, and controlled the national palace, had promised to foster the rule of law, democracy, human rights and other beautiful dreams in Ethiopia. But, by the next day, after they started administering Ethiopia, their sniper sharp shooters started killing and mass arresting their own citizens because of political difference motivations and ethnic cleanse matters. Unlimited killing, borderless mass arresting, and torturing have been continuing since 1991. I don't know why this government chose to run on the avenue once the former military government used to walk. Ethiopia still ruled by one dictator person and his bunch of looser individuals who came from a jungle with jungle rule. They have been in power for about eighteen years by using the former communist country weapons for the destruction of the nation and the killing of their citizens.

Among those countries who have tight military relationships with the current killer Ethiopian government, the new Czech Republic is one of them. Not only as a military weapons and hardware providers but also as secretly signed documents, Ethiopia and Czech Republic are sharing spying results. Hence, it would be a historic mistake to hand over those two Ethiopian engineers (Mr. Negussei Girma Tulu and Mr. Animut Demeke Tsegaye) to the Czech Republic. Those Ethiopian engineers deserve peace, freedom, and permanent protection where they are now. If there is justice, in my opinion, I would say that is the only justice.



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