May 17, 2009

HRLHA Press Release No. 16, May 2009: Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

HRLHA Press Release No16, May 2009

Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

Death from Brutal Torture

Two civilians have become the most recent victims of torture in Ethiopia. Mr. Abdurashiid Ibrahim Adam and Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Tule, both from Eastern Hararge Region in Oromia, have died from extreme torture inflicted on them by members of the Ethiopian Security Forces while they were in prison.

Mr. Abdurashiid Ibrahim Aadam, a 38-year old farmer, was subjected to torture that resulted in his death in Burqaa Tirtiraa Prison in Eastern Hararge. According to HRLHA reporter, Mr. Abdulrashid was suspended upside down with his hands and legs tied on his back and severely whipped and beaten everywhere on his body including the sole of his feet. The security agents subjected Mr. Abdulrahsid to such harsh torture to coerce him to confess that was a member of an opposition political organization, OLF in particular, and to reveal alleged secrets he knew about the Front. HRLHA reporters have confirmed that Mr. Abdulrashid died from this brutal torture on May 08, 2009.

Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Tuulee, also known as Hassan Lakku, was a 57-year old businessman and a father of seven, who used to live in Baddanno Town in Eastern Hararge. He had been in and out of prison so many times since 1992 on the same alleged political grounds – that he was a member of opposition political organizations. Mr. Hassan Ibrahim died in prison on unspecified day in Fabruary, 2009 from harsh torture he too was subjected to while he was in prison. The possessions of Hassan Ibrahim, money, a car and other valuable items, were confiscated by members of the security forces.

HRLHA reporters have confirmed that these are the very common types and systems of tortures most alleged political detainees face while in detention.

Back ground Information;- It has been being reported widely that thousands of members of the Oromo ethnic group have been killed, kidnapped, disappeared and/or detained, and many of subjected to different forms of torture in prisons in recent years for allegedly having links with the OLF. Also, thousands of Oromos have gone into exile. The OLF has been fighting the Ethiopian government in eastern and western Oromia Region and in other areas since 1992. The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa/HRLHA believes that those who were subjected to such harsh treatments, including killings and inhuman actions that resulted in death, were innocent citizens who had not used or did not advocate violence.

HRLHA calls upon governments of the West, all local, regional and international human rights agencies to join hands and demand the end of such inhuman treatments, and to pressurize the Ethiopian government to bring the culprits to justice and to immediately release its citizens who have been detained on alleged political grounds.

The HRLHA is a non-political and non-profit organization that attempts to challenge abuses of human rights of the people of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa. It works on defending fundamental human rights including freedoms of thought, expression, movement and association. It also works on raising the awareness of individuals about their own fundamental human rights and that of others. It encourages the observances as well as due processes of law. It promotes the growth and development of free and vigorous civil societies.


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