June 30, 2009

ONLF Response to TPLF Claims of Victory against the Liberation Fronts

"A New Don Quixote in Ethiopia Repeating the Same old Lies of His Masters"

The declaration of the chief butcher of The South East Command of the TPLF regime of Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia Abreha Woldemariam on 26/06/09 that his troops had defeated all fighters of both Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is a phantasmagorical and surreal projection of Don quixotic mind that is baseless and a cheap rehash of what his masters in Addis Ababa used to spew out shamelessly every time the world learned about their inept attempts at suppressing the active rebellion of the Ogaden And Oromo people.

What is more laughable is his assertion that the Ethiopian Army is defending the rights of the Ogaden people enshrined in the constitution. If Woldemariam really believes that the War Crimes his Army is committing in the Ogaden and the reprehensible acts of raping women and teenage girls, while hanging their fathers and brothers and burning their villages is protecting the rights of nations and nationalities, then the world needs to put such Psychos behind bars.

The only thing of significance from Woldemariam’s fascistic utterances is that he and his masters are planning a new round of Genocide and War Crimes in the Ogaden. Furthermore this another attempt to mislead foreign gullible oil companies that keep financing Ethiopia’s war efforts in the Ogaden and the Greater Horn either unwittingly or deliberately.

All we shall say to you and the likes of you is that- rest assured that ONLF of the Ogaden, OLF and other progressive and democratic forces in Ethiopia are gaining the upper hand against TPLF led forces and will soon defeat you and bring freedom , peace and democracy to the Whole of Horn of Africa.

Victory to the Oppressed masses!


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