June 10, 2009

TPLF/EPRDF Official (Duba Liban) Says "Kenya not ‘keen on peace’"

Map: OromiaTimes Archive

Kenya not ‘keen on peace,’ says Ethiopia

By Ali Abdi

Ethiopia has faulted Kenya for doing little to maintain peace along the common border.

An Ethiopian senior police officer cited last week’s Borana-Gabra peace meeting at Dukana, North Horr as an example.

The officer-in-charge in Borana Zone, Mr Duba Liban said Ethiopia sent its provincial team and representatives from five districts, while Kenya sent a DC and OCPD only.

He said rebels from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) were behind conflict between the Borana and Gabra who reside on both sides of the Kenya and Ethiopia border.

Mr Liban said his Government had maintained peace in southern Ethiopia.

"Both governments should enforce respective laws to ensure peace prevails. Those who kill and steal livestock should be punished," he told The Standard, yesterday.

Punish culprits

"Stolen animals should not just be returned. The culprits should be punished according to the law. This is what we do and it has helped entrench peace among pastoralist communities," he said.

The Ethiopian delegation was led by the deputy administrator of the zone, Mr Tafari Wandifraw, the head of security intelligence, Mr Alemayo Tadese and five district administrators from Moyale, Dirre, Miyo, Mega and Dillo.

Kenya had Marsabit North DC Elijah Kodow and deputy OCPD James Nyagah. Marsabit Central and Moyale DCs, two key players in the Borana-Gabra conflict, did not attend the four-day peace meeting.

Interestingly, Mr Kodow left only after a day, citing a busy schedule elsewhere.

"No one can be too busy for an event like this. If need be we can even organise our Internal Security minister to the next meeting. If mothers are here with us why not them?" the Ethiopian officer wondered.

Source: The Standard (Kenya)

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