July 28, 2009

Information Reaching Us from Moyale (Borena) Reports That 2'800 Qt of Relief Food and PSNP was Sold on the way

Photo 1: Malnourished children inAbaya District of Borana Zone July 2009

Informants from Moyale district reported that 2,800 qt of relief food and PSNP (Productive Safety Net Program) food was sold on the way to Moyale district of Borana zone. The sellers are government people who were to trasport the resources to the disrict for the needy population. The ration was for the period from February to date. Over 30,000 needy population are suffering from hunger and malnutrition in the district albeit the selling of the relief foods in Dilla town and other towns on the way to Moyale. The attached pic shows the truck transporting the food but the food was sold before reaching the right desitination and the people.This crime was officially reported by the local officials and the community to the government several times but no reply.

Photo 2: Relief food and PSNP dispatched for Moyale Boran but sold on the way before reaching the needy population

Unfortunately, Borana zone is systematically punished due to lack of development policy where land degardation is finishing pasture of livestock and hence hunger to the people. The attached land degardation pic shows the extent of land degradation due to poor governmrt policy which led to critical shortage of pasture/feed and milk production-the main food of pastoral commuinities.

Photo 3: Land Degrad in Dugda Dawa Borana zone July 2009

Photo 4: Malnourished child1 in Guanguawa Health Center of Abaya District of Borana Zone July 2009

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