July 19, 2009

Lack of good development in Oromia

Why did Lake Haramaya dry? Photos‏

Haramaya Lake

The informant is a graduate of Haramaya University in 1984. That time he used to cross lake Haramaya on Boat to visit farmers on the otherside of the lake to visit the community.

But as the photo shows (taken in June 2009) the lake is totally dried. Why did Lake Haramaya dry? The reasons include:lack of good development policy to manage anmd care of the lake and its resources. Lake of Natural Resources conseravtion amd management startegies and interventions. The Haramaya University was also respponsible for not initiating projects and attenmpoting to save it. The same problem is happening to lakes in the rift valleyes of Ormoa like Lake Abjata, Lake Dambal(Ziway), etc... The worst side of the policy is that no lessons are being learnt to save the remaining water sources, other resources embeded in them and the srounding vegetations. Poverty is extermely expanding in the sroundings of the lakes where water is available for crop food production. Having propulation from hunger just near the lakes and water resources is a sjhame and deliberate action by the government as part of poor development policy. It is a tactic to put down and keep the people starved and kneel down for the government.

West Hararghe, Oromia:

It is not only people who are put in to starvation, but their livestock are perishing and crops are drying in Eastern part of Oromia. The attached phots are showing some examples of the humanitarin cris in Oromia.These phtos are from Daro Labu woreda of West HArarghe zone where malutrition is vanishing children and elderly people.

Source: SBO

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