August 19, 2009

Wayyaanee troops Harassing, abducting and Torturing Oromo People in Arsii

(OLF News, August 18, 2009)

Our correspondents in Arsii zone reported that Wayyaanee-Ethiopian armed militias have been harassing the Oromo population in the districts of Xiyyoo, Digaluu, Xijjoo, and Muneessaa while at the same time disarming the entire Oromo population.

Accordingly, among those arrested and tortured in Arsii, the names our reporters are able to get are:

  1. Mr. Abdallaa Fiqiree
  2. Mr. Saamu’eel
  3. Mr. Abdallaa Qumboo
  4. Mr. Abbee Muhaammad
  5. Mr. Eeliyaas Kaasaayee
  6. Mr. Kadiir
  7. Mr. Qaalakiristoosa Zamaduu
  8. Mr. Qancaree and all his family.

In another news, OPDO cadres in Western Shoa zone are reportedly forcefully teaching the Oromo students their fallacious version of Ethiopian history and what they call “democratic nationalism”. 30 students are reportedly forcefully conscripted from each of the 21 high schools (overall more than 600 students) in Western Shoa zone and teaching the so called “democratic nationalism” theory of Wayyaanee and their version of “Ethiopian history” and history of Ethiopian kings trying to brainwash the Oromo students. In addition the Wayyaanees have been attempting to teach the students their hatred of Oromo independent political forces such as OLF.

The Wayyaanee cadre’s propaganda backfired when the students opposed the agitation against OLF saying the OLF is the hope and shield of the Oromo people. The students asked Wayyaanee cadre’s tough questions such as “what did you contribute to the Oromo people while our people are dying of famine, malnutrition, and disease?”

OLF News

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