September 23, 2009

Interview with Ethiopian PM Mr Meles Zenawi by XY News (Drama by Qabsoo Jabeessaa)

Interview with Ethiopian PM Mr Meles Zenawi by XY News*
Sept 23, 2009

Background: XY News is a credible news organization centered in the State. Based on claims of human right abuses , kidnapping and killings in the Nations and Nationalities in Ethiopia carried by Zenaw's government and recent records of the Zenaw's regime, our media center is interested in interviewing Mr Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia.

XY: This is Dr Oda from XY News media center. Nice to meet you ,Mr. Prime minister.
Mr Zenawi: Hey, Dr?

XY: Yes I got my BA and MA in prisons and analyzed what I experienced and saw in the prisons to get my PHD.
Mr. Zenawi: Hmm, you talk like Oromos in my country.

XY: Hmm, let us come back to our interview; let me ask you about the current economic situation in Ethiopia, what is it like, given the present World wide economic instability?
Mr. Zenawi: Under my leadership Ethiopians have enjoyed incessant economic growth of 11% ever year despite the International Economic down turn. Our companies are still striving and are profitable as usual.

XY: What does that mean for the general public?
Mr. Zenawi: Of course we can't go any where without the general public; we are trying to deliver the products of our companies to each and every level of the public.

XY: Mr. Minister, can the striving of your companies mean the Ethiopians have seen development? Let us take the current starvation of 14 million and recent cholera epidemics, are these in line with development you claim?
Mr. Zenawi: Of course we have tried to increase salaries for our parties' members. In no time in the past has a 4 grade person earned 2000 ETB, now we are paying to our members above these and we have tried to improve their lives.

XY: Does that mean at the cost the civilians who are not your members?
Mr. Zenawi: We didn't fight for the Ethiopians; as much as we can we are trying. If they want to see the result of developments, let them give us more chance to try.

XY: Mr. Zenawi you raised an important issue; recently you said to Financial Times's journalist that you will end your terms in power but recently you are saying your party enforced you to stay in power. Does this show your credibility and do you think the people will accept you any more?
Mr. Zenawi: I can't do any thing against the interest of my party. We don't care what Ethiopians think or feel. We are ready to handle grievances and we have the experience.

XY: In our next interviews you will tell us what makes your government different from the previous regimes. But now , would you explain what you mean by terrorists referring to Freedom Fighters, armed opponents and descents?
Mr. Zenawi: This is a very good question. We don't need to adhere to the international definition of this term. We have been using it for our advantage. All these groups you are referring to are terrorizing our government.
Specially, OLF and ONLF have these days increased their military actions against our troops. We are having more casualty than ever now. We are worried for our government; they are terrorizing us.
To Convince US and other International Community we have gone as far as Somalia, to arrest Somalia citizens, Oromo refugees and other foreigners seen there. Back home we have developed a lot of other dramas. In doing that we were successful to win US support, under X-president Georg Bush.

XY: When TPLF was fighting against Dergi regime you were partners with OLF; why do you accuse them now?
Mr Zenawi: You know, you don't need to be genuine if you want to rule Ethiopia. You have to use any available opportunity.

XY: Mr. Minister ,your leadership had carried out cold blooded killings of civilians for mere reason of supporting opposition groups in Oromia in Schools, Colleges, Universities and community ( for e.g. Gaara Sufii killings), in Ogaden, in Gambella, in Sidamo, and in Somalia in mosque. Don't you think, your actions can categorize you as state terrorist and don't you think that you will be tried by ICC for these terrorist actions?
Mr. Zenawi: By the way are you journalist? You seem like you are investigating me. Are you sent by OLF , ONLF or by ICC? I will try to hand over those who carried out these massacres. Any how, we are trying to divert International attention from this point. We don't wish the trial happens.

XY: Well done Mr. Zenawi, I hope we will meet for another interview next time.
Mr. Zenawi: But you know, if you want to interview me another rounds, you need to send me the content of your interview in advance.

*This is a drama composed by Qabsoo Jabeessaa

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