September 22, 2009

A Smart Foe or a Stu*pid Friend?:- the case of Jawar! (By Fayyis Oromia)

A Smart Foe or a Stu*pid Friend?:- the case of Jawar!

Fayyis Oromia

I personally don't know who Jawar S. Mohammed is. The first article I read from him was the "best criticism" he made against OLF-leadership in this year. Now a sort of discussion is going on between him and Messay Kebede. I was the "Oromo interlocutor", who provoked Messay to write his last articles on OLF, self-determination and Oromo liberation movement. I had certain important conversation with him regarding the right of Oromos to self-determination. Messay seems to be one of Amhara minded Ethiopianists with Oromo biological heritage, but who is vehemently against the right of Oromos to self-determination with a pretext of keeping Ethiopian unity. Anything challenging the unconditional Ethiopian unity he is continously preaching including the challenge from the right of Oromo nation to Self-determination is cursed and discredited by him and by others who claim also to be Oromos, but who are in practice Amharist activists. This includs a lot of people, who are said to be Oromos or who claim to be as such, like the author of many articles in Abesha web sites with a nick name Robele Ababiya, do. I just say such people can be biological Oromos, but they are mentally Amharas, who are ready to fight and die for Amhara cause which is nowadays being covered as "Ethiopian cause". They do it either consciously or as being mentally enslaved Oromos so that they subconsiously identify themselves with our enemies, saddly this phenomen is one of the negative results of our subjugation for the last about 150 years.

Regarding Jawar and his likes, it is not possible to put them in this category of Amharanized Oromos, but I do ask if particularly he is one of the smart foes aka Weyane cadres or one of the stu*pid friends, be it Oromo or not, playing in to the hand of our enemies naively or opportunistly. Even though I don't know Jawar, the following is in short the opinion I read about him till now. He is a 23 years Old young Oromo, who has been active in Oromo youth association in diaspora, who is alleged to have good contact with the currently ruling regime in Finfinne and who has got a previlege to be promoted to study in Stanford University.

Some commentators even consider that the articles written in his name up to now are not actually his own, but written by Weyane's diaspora department, who is nowadays very active to attack OLF in diaspora, so that this liberation front loses its mass support and be weakened. I can neither disprove nor verify this allegation, but there are a lot of similarites between his assertion and that of the notorious Weyane cadres roaming in forums like Manabuna just to discredit and curse OLF. This puts him in a radar of suspicion. Here are few of the similarites between his opinion and that of Weyane cadres:
- their modern approach is a devide regarding "evil and incompetent" OLF leadership Vs good OLF supporters, so that they mainly attack the leadership of the liberation movement and they seem to be now very happy by seeing the OLF leadership devided in to three or more.

- their wishfull phantasy about the "damage of OLF beyound repair".. This is the summary of Jawar's conclusion in his articles. Fact is that this is only the wish of our foes. OLF can be weakened structurally, bus can never be damaged as they do want, rather it is becoming part of every Oromo individual's life for all Oromos are being directly or indirectly affected by the noble ideology of this organization.

- their conclusion that OLF is "good for nothing", so it needs to be abandoned by all its supporters, this being the smear campaign made by Weyane since it is in conflict with OLF for the last 17 years. They even declared many times that this "good for nothing organisation" is no more existing, so that Oromos should give up their support to this organization!

- their agitation that OLF supporters should stop specially giving financial support to OLF, but go back home and support the "legal organizations struggling for Oromo cause and who are now more productive than the liberation fronts". They designate OLF as a business company for making profit, but not fighting for the nobel cause aka liberation..

- their stand against the cooperation of Eritrean government and OLF-leaders. The only ones who are crying about Eritrean involvement in Ethiopian politics nowadays are Weyane activists. Even Amharas, leave alone Oromos, have given up attacking Eritreans, be it tactical or otherwise.

- their stand against a possible reunification and reconciliation of OLF factions to effectively lead Oromo liberation movement. Weyane knows above all that it is only the united and strong OLF which can lead Oromos to our END destination, that is why it directs all its propaganda machinery against OLF. My assertion here is not intendend to neglect the contribution of genuine Oromo activists being organized under other members of ULFO, OFDM, OPC and even OPDO. These Oromos are part and parcel of the activists being led by OLF mindset. Covertly or overtly all are pushing for the Kaayyoo aka Oromo's right to self-determination.

Now Amharist Oromos like Messay seem to have knowingly or unknowingly chosen to be part of Oromo foes to fight against the God-given as well as the Man-made (e.g in UNO charter) right of Oromo's right to self-determination. But, assuming that Jawar can be an Oromo young "intellectual", let me ask further, who is he in reality? Part and parcel of the smart Oromo foes aka part of Weyane's diaspora department or a naive young Oromo individual acting as a stu*pid friend of Oromo unkowingly playing in to the hand of our arch enemy? Leaving all the details of his "criticism" against OLF in his hitherto articles to his own entertainment aside, let me put his message in short as follows. It sounds in short like "Oromos should abandon this beyound the repair damaged, good for nothing organization, aka OLF, and go back home to rally behind the good legal oromo organizations". Interestingly this is the message all Weyane cadres in Manabuna forum and other web sites tried to convey in the last many years. Is this a currently found method aka "using Jawar's name" to achieve the same result, a new way of doing the same business for the Weyane diaspora department? Let the future clear this speculation or reality.

If we consider Jawar to be one of the stu*pid friends aka Oromos doing naively a damage on our liberation movement, what are the points which made him to be designated as such? Here are few facts about him:

- he is naively criticiting his own leaders in a forum full of our foes aka in a cyber world so that our foes take advantage of it. Does he know that in the present modern world, directing a single word of cricisim against an enemy is equivalent to shooting the enemy with a bullet? That meanse till now he used to shoot tausands of bullets against OLF leaders!! Does this make him Oromo foe or Oromo friend? I am not against criticizing Oromo leaders per se, but Oromo friends know the appropriate manner, place and time to do it constructively. Sure is that Jawar's choice of manner (fault finding and cursing), place (cyber world) and time (at this critical time where Oromos are doing our best to consolidate our struggle against the actual tormentors of our people) made him not to be a smart friend, but one of the destructive criticizers.

By the way fault finding is the very simple and cheap job even any imbecile can do. I do expect from Oromo intellectuals a solution seeking mind which is the best way of doing a constructive criticism. The best constructive way of criticizing our leaders is by showing a better solution and if possible by doing the better practical way of a struggle. That is why I am in principle against any abhorrent ololaa the OLF factions are doing against each other. Instead of blabbering the negative criticism against their rivals, they need to show us the better way of doing business. Oromo people support them not by looking at their best performance of ololaa against the other faction, but by seeing their best way of leading us in the liberation movement.

- not only the words that Jawar chose, but also the tone of his writing speaks more for the Weyane cadres being behind the articles than being written by a genuine Oromo seeking a better performance in liberation journey. The tone of genuine Oromos criticizing Oromo liberation leaders is usually full of respect, love, openness, goodwill, complement and corrective messages, whereas that of our enemies is hatred, despising, discrediting, devisive, denouncing and accusitive. Is Jawar acting naively as an enemy?
- even if he is genuine in his assertions, he is too young and unexperienced to objectively judge what really went on in Oromo liberation camp in the last 40 years. He might have read a lot and discussed with many people to gather facts, but that is not enough to have a solid reality about the leaders who have been in the liberating businness their life long. As an example, I found it very shallow, when he tried to compare TPLF's "success" with OLF's "failure" in his last article. Thinking mono-dimentional or even bi-dimentional is not enough to make a good judgment. Hundreds of factors did play to determine the results of these liberation movements, which I do not want to list here and now. But our "naive" Jawar as an enthusiastic student thought to know the real reasons for the failure and the success. I would like to advise him to have a humility and live such job for the professional and unbiased political scientinsts and historians to do the judgment. Otherwise he just be knowingly or unknowingly the propaganda mouth piece of the Weyane diaspora department.

Last, but not least I don't want to avoid giving him a credit for the change of a tone in his last article as a response to Messay, where he at least tried to recognize the eligibility of Oromo's cause to self-determination and the recoginition he gave to OLF in achieving the status quo. If he is not part of Weyane's conspiracy as alleged by some, I am sure Jawar will yet learn from experience and be one of the best leaders in Oromo liberation movement accepting OLF as a vanguard of the liberation movement as the majority of our people did, instead of being the stu*pid instrument of our smart foes, who are wishing our beloved organization's "damage beyound repair".

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