November 02, 2009

Heroic OLA Fighters Killed 5 and Wounded More than 7 Enemy Troops in Arsii Zone

(OLF News, October 31, 2009) A report OLF News received from Oromia revealed that the heroic Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) freedom fighters operating in Arsii zone have killed 5 invading TPLF led government troops and wounded more than 7 others in Sheeruu district (Woreda) at a place called Seeruu Abbaasii. The remaining Wayyaanee troops are reported to have been forced to leave their guns and other military equipments and escape in disarray.

In this operation our freedom fighters have captured automatic machine guns and other military equipments and different confidential documents of the enemy and made the property of the Oromo liberation struggle led by OLF.

As has been their habit, the Wayyaanee troops, angered by the heroic actions of OLA, have been engaged in harassing and arresting the surrounding innocent civilians.

It is to be recalled that OLF News has reported on October 21, 2009 that OLA Eastern command has killed 5 and wounded more than 3 enemy troops and that on August 6, August 27, and July 11, 2009 OLA fighters killed a total of 35 and wounded 19 others in Western Harargee zone.

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