November 30, 2009

Oromo Union to Stage Protest Against Zenawi at the Copenhagen Climate Summit

Oromo Union to Stage Protest Against Zenawi at the Copenhagen Climate Summit

The oldest Oromo students organization, the Union of Oromo Students in Europe (UOSE), has announced its plans to stage a peaceful demonstration against Mr. Meles Zenawi’s unfair and unjust representation on the UN Global Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, on December 17, 2009. UOSE extends invitation to all to show up and voice their just opposition for the unjust participation and representation of Meles Zenawi, one of the most repressive dictators and violators of human rights in Africa. Founded in 1974, the Union of Oromo Students in Europe, (UOSE) or Tokkumma Barattoota Oromoo Awurooppaa (TBOA), is a student organization based in Germany. Today’s controversial politician and former Ethiopia’s president, Dr. Negasso Gidada, had served as the Union’s first president.

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Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr. Zenawi, will travel to Copenhagen Climate Change Summit as Africa’s lead negotiator for a climate deal; however, powerful countries of the world are shying away from making any deal at that Summit. On behalf of Africa’s dictators, Ethiopia’s authoritarian ruler, Mr. Zenawi, has demanded a $40-billion-dollars per year compensation for the damage caused on Africa by global warning or else he has threatened to walk out, a human right he has denied to members of the opposition in Ethiopia. While there is no doubt that Africa has been on the receiving end of the adverse climate change from global warming and such compensation is appropriate, handing over billions of dollars to corrupt African dictators will worsen the environmental calamity in Africa rather than alleviate it.

Dictators and violators of human rights should not be supported by the developed countries. Besides, rulers who have such devastating records of environmental degradation should not get a place on such a global summit. Because the summit or conference is not for such dictators and violators of human rights, but it’s rather for those who care for the environment as well as the rights of human beings.

Particularly, politically, economically and environmentally blind Meles Zenawi has no moral high ground to get a chair on such a summit by representing the “Ethiopian People,” let alone African Nations. Mr. Zenawi should rather be brought to justice at the Hague! He should be at the court for his immoral human rights violations and environmental degradation in the country!

In January 2009, Mr. Zenawi declared that “Ethiopia will not slowdown its efforts to industrialise for fear of worsening the state of the environment and increasing carbon pollution.” Today, he has become a devious apostle of the Green Movement in order to blackmail the developed world into giving him and fellow African dictators billions of dollars.

The Union of Oromo Students in Europe is organizing the protest, which will be on Thursday, December 17, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. UOSE asks all to come to the demonstration and disseminate this information to friends, families, and to all whom one thinks this demonstration concerns!

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