May 01, 2010

Good Luck MEDREK Of Birtukan "Mandela" - The Impossible Made Possible! (Fayyis Oromia)

Good Luck MEDREK Of Birtukan "Mandela" - The Impossible Made Possible!
I wrote some articles regarding and supporting Medrek in the last few months, and specially I pointed out its few weakest areas in the last two articles. As I have already mentioned, the main conflict in the empire is the conflict between two forces, i.e. between the anti-Oromia (anti-killil) forces mostly represented by the reactionary unitarists, who are parts of the Ethiopianist camp, and the pro-Oromia forces of national self-administration represented largely by Oromianists and by the nationalists of other oppressed peoples. This conflict was regarded as irreconcilable, and the lucky Weyane used this schism as a chance for its divide-and-rule method.

Thanks to the far-sighted leaders of OLF and CUD, this barrier was overcome for the first time; and these two organizations formed AFD in 2006, which was the nice start of cooperation between these two seemingly diametrically opposite forces. Unfortunately, there was a big opposition from three directions: from the ruling fascist Weyane, from the right extremist Ethio-nationalists and from the left radical Ethno-nationalists, so that the alliance could not live longer. Additionally, it could not continue as it was because of the split inside CUD into factions and due to the withdrawal of EPPF from the alliance.

I think the time for AFD as an end-solution for the troubled region has not come yet, but the future is in favor of AFD’s program of forging a union of free nations in the Horn. In the future, both Ethio-nationalists (most being Amhara-Ethiopianists) and Ethno-nationalists (like pro-independence Oromianists) will agree on the common ground as a strategical goal for both camps, the goal being a union of independent nations in the Horn. Just like France and Germany were enemies of each other in the past and now are the two strong pillars of the European Union, both the future independent Amharia and independent Oromia will be the two pillars of the Horn union of independent nations, which will surely work together for peace and stability of the region.

The current viable and similar alliance as a mid-solution towards AFD’s end-goal is Medrek, which was formed after the deliberation and discussions among moderate politicians of the empire for more than one and a half years. Now, we know that both anti-Oromia forces like UDJ and pro-Oromia forces like OFC are working together against the fascist Weyane. This alliance also got oppositions from the three sides (from fascist Weyane, right extremists and left radicals). There are oppositions specially from the right extremists like the UDJ faction of the neo-Chamisso (Mesfin W/Mariam) and the neo-Kihidetu (Hailu Shawel), who seem particularly to curse the political move of the moderate Ethiopianists organized under the UDJ in Medrek. I have already discussed why these die-hard unitarists do now support fascist Weyane instead of cooperating with the unionist genuine opposition alliance, Medrek, in one of my articles. I tried to show in my last two articles also the opposition to UDJ and to Medrek from the nationalist Oromo individuals’ and groups’ point of view. But, the UDJ in Medrek is the only one who attempted to move from the far right to the middle. Both the left radicals and the right extremists do forget that Medrek is the compromise middle position, which could bring the apparently irreconcilable two forces together and made them work cooperatively against the worst evil in the empire/Horn. This cooperation of the two opposite forces against the fascists is really the impossible made possible.

Who Opposes MEDREK?
As a compromise alliance, Medrek, of course, can not have the whole program of either the “multinational”/hibre-biher parties or that of the national/ye biher forces, but only the mini-program as a common ground. Is this agreement of the hitherto seemingly irreconcilable forces on common program not the impossible made possible? Yes, it is! But, unfortunately, it has still got oppositions from the three directions, including from the slaves of the fascist Weyane. To describe the three oppositions directed against Medrek in short, the opposition comes nowadays from:

- the fascist ruling party, which wants power by any means = dictatorial autocratic force;

- the reactionary right extremists like the faction of the neo-Chamisso and the party of the neo-Kihidetu, who want unitary Ethiopia by any means = dictatorial unitarist forces;

- some Oromo organizations, which want Oromian independence without a possibility for a union by any means and from the Weyane slaves, who sometimes try to pretend in cyber-world as pro-independent Oromo. The true pro-independence forces also seem to be dictatorial liberation fronts, but they are the best ones Oromo can have against the naturally dictatorial fascist Weyane and against the reactionary unitarists.

Alliances like Medrek seem to be theoretically the forums for liberals and moderates, i.e. for the democratic forces, which do struggle for the forging of freedom and democracy, including the self-administration of nations as well as for the human rights of individual citizens. Such alliances are the best antidote against Weyane’s divide-and-rule machination. Medrek, despite its certain weak points, is thus the right move to the right direction. Surely, the integrating figure, Birtukan “Mandela”, has played a big role in initiating, forming and holding together the alliance; she is still serving as a role model even in her physical absence (because of her imprisonment) from the real political platform of the empire.

Being Critical Supporter of MEDREK
After I had written the two critical articles against the anti-Oromia position of the UDJ in Medrek, I got feedback full of concerns from both the anti-Oromia and the pro-Oromia forces. The concerns revolve around the “un-productivity” of my criticism specially at this period of the sham election in the empire. My view regarding such concerns is on the contrary to what I got as the feedback. I am a critical supporter of Medrek. The alliance really did the very magnificent job in making the impossible be possible. It should be encouraged. But, to have a lasting solution, the alliance should not make a compromise on Oromian unity, just as it didn’t on Ethiopian unity. My criticism on this point doesn’t mean, I and Oromo nationalists are against the alliance. I just wanted to stress that accepting the two levels of unity (Oromian unity and Ethiopian unity) unconditionally might help the alliance to have the very stable mass base it needs. As expected, Weyane slaves tried to use my criticism on Medrek as a chance to “show that EPRDF is better than Medrek.”

Unfortunate to these slaves, Medrek is actually the alliance of the 21st century, which could accommodate the two trends of the current global politics: the trend of promoting national freedom and the trend of fostering regional union. The reactionary right extremists like the UDJ faction of the neo-Chamisso reject the politics of national freedom as something “ye goosa poletika/ politics of clan” whereas the left radicals tend to ignore the necessity of regional union for common benefits of all citizens and nations in the Horn. Medrek, on the contrary, is the de facto hibre-biher-dirijit/multinational coalition, which has a potential for development to the multinational merger, which is usually longed for and advocated by Ethiopianist forces on the contrary to the right extremist anti-killil forces, which are not multinational per se, but are Amhara nationalist forces which want to dismantle Oromia with the pretext of preferring geography-based federation. The move of UDJ to the middle line of Medrek is what makes it more progressive than these obsolete right extremists.

Challenges of MEDREK – What It Needs to Work On
The only thing the UDJ in Medrek needs to learn yet is that to not cry only for Ethiopian unity, but also struggle for Oromian unity with Oromian autonomy and even push further for Horn unity or African unity, of course, Finfinnee being the political center for all these four levels of unities. Giving priority for the unity at the Ethiopian level, Medrek’s vision here should be to establish union of autonomous nations in the empire, taking Oromian unity as an example of national freedom. If all the member parties of Medrek agree on such common ground, then its three opponents (fascist Weyane, right extremists and left radicals) will have no chance to disintegrate this modern alliance of the century.

Medrek, as the impossible made possible, has survived two big challenges till now as its leaders already described, i.e. the challenge of coming up with the mini-program, which took them almost one and a half years of wrangling with each other and the challenge of assigning the needed election candidates from the competing rival member parties for each constituency. Yet, it still should overcome the following three other challenges to survive further and to become the reliable force of the future in the empire:

- the upcoming election challenge, where the emotionally charged moves of the different constituencies with different interests (e.g anti-killil vs pro-killil) may pull and push the coalition towards disintegration. We do observe that both the die-hard anti-killil Ethiopianists and the pro-killil others want to instrumentalize the alliance in order to assert their respective political will. If the leaders can manage and overcome this challenge, the victory can be the source of their future strength, which will benefit the alliance;

- the neo-Chamisso challenge, which UDJ, in particular, and Medrek, in general, are facing now. It is not hidden that the ruling fascist regime plays with this divide-and-attack method to destroy Medrek, just as it did to CUD. We have observed how the regime orchestrated the quarrel between the two factions of UDJ just to make them appear ridiculous in front of their constituencies, to destroy the image of the party in the donors’ group of the international community, and to divert the attention of the leaders and the members of the party from the election campaign. Another calculation of the fascist regime is just to separate the well respected Birtukan Midhagsa from Medrek and attach her popularity to the neo-Chamisso group, so that her supporters may not vote for Medrek;

- the challenge of accommodating both Oromian unity and Ethiopian unity, the failure of which can be the course of disintegration in the far future, if not in the near future. Only when all member parties, specially UDJ, accept and respect Oromian unity as they did to Ethiopian unity, that it is possible to have a very stable base for further survival. The schism (OFC-wing vs. UDJ-wing) I have elaborated in my last two articles made Weyane cadres to jump up and down as well as to try as usual pouring benzine on the conflict.

Anyways, only by correcting the mistake of trying to dismantle Oromia per referendum, Medrek will have the lasting support of the Oromo people. UDJ’s main agenda (Ethiopian unity) without the consent of Oromo elites and without the support of the Oromo people is fake and only temporary. If Medrek corrects this mistake in its further deliberation and discussions, then no question that victory will be for both Oromian unity (goal of the Oromianists) and Ethiopian unity (goal of the Ethiopianists). I hope in the long run that the right extremists and the left radicals will also come to their senses and accept this noble compromise solution for that troubled empire, at least temporarily till the time for AFD’s final solution comes. Even though it is not as such easy to reverse the formal killil-federation, not accepting such compromise only leads to both disintegration of the empire (fear of the right extremists) and to the possible independent Oromia surrounded by a chaotic region (fear of the left radicals).

That is why I have tried to put forward my criticism against UDJ’s position of anti-Oromia and against Medrek’s position of referendum on the God-given right of a united Oromia to exist. If referendum concerns only Oromo, it is not bad; but if the public of the referendum includes all non-Oromo in the empire, it is just unfair. As usual, the fascist Weyane cadres have tried to use my criticism as if there is irreconcilable discord between the pro-killil OFC-wing of Medrek and the anti-killil UDJ-wing of Medrek. But, the wise political leaders in Medrek have already told us that the deliberation and the discussion on this issue would go on. This is very commendable and hopefully these leaders will come up with the consensus also on Oromian unity, not only on Ethiopian unity. On the day they achieve this, then the time for the demise of the fascist Weyane, the weakening of the right extremists and the moderation of the left radicals will not be far. Additionally, I am sure in due time it will be clear for the UDJ in Medrek that dismantling Oromia is not as such a free ride.

Now, at this moment, the UDJ in Medrek is doing smart politics in working not only with “multinational” forces, but also in accommodating ye-biher/national forces in order to make them accept and respect its main agenda, i.e. Ethiopian unity. The crying foul of the neo-Chamisso faction and the neo-Kihidetu party is simply futile. Thanks to the farsightedness of UDJ leaders and the leaders of other member organizations of Medrek, we are on the verge of the new good beginning. I just ask Waaqayyoo/Rabbii to give them more knowledge and wisdom to help the coalition last long and be fruitful by making all nations of the empire/Horn to rally behind them against the fascist regime, and I would encourage all progressive citizens to vote in the coming sham election against the fascist Weyane and against the anti-killil unitarists.

By Any Means Necessary – Including Through Sham Elections
Otherwise, we know that at the end of the coming three weeks, all citizens of the empire will go out to vote under a very undemocratic circumstance. There are different opinions given in different websites on what to do, the ideas ranging from the importance of boycotting to the necessity of participating in the election. I personally do support the participation, and encourage the opposition leaders, their members, supporters and the whole mass against Weyane to be vigilant and seek the way how to keep their voting cards not be misused by the mafia regime. In case the election will be rigged, again mass uprising using all methods of peaceful struggle is to be recommended. We should consider the sham election as part of our struggle against tyranny, and we need to intensify the FDG (Fincila Diddaa Garbummaa = peaceful uprising against tyranny). I hope Medrek will take the leading position and make also a sort of cooperation with other genuine opposition parties, which is very mandatory to compel the fascist regime to respect the public verdict.

TIBIBIR - The Polished MEDREK of the Future
Hopefully, the same kind of coalition (Tibibir) will be forged in Diaspora, which involves the “multinational” organizations like G-7 and the national fronts like OLF having both Oromian unity and Ethiopian/Horn union as their common purpose. If this happens, the demise of the fascists will not be postponed. It is only the lack of such dynamic alliance which has given the regime the chance to live longer. Specially, the new generation with political mentality like that of Birtukan (hopefully, she is not anti-Oromia) should come forward and take the leadership. Birtukan is just a symbol for the renowned Oromo elites and talents who served the empire just to be treated unjustly at last. It is only the likes of Medrek, the impossible made possible, which can be the panacea for such misuse of our talents, for the trouble in the region and which can help us move one step forward.

I wish also in the long run that the reactionary unitarists in the opposition camp learn from their real political experience and be transformed to be unionists similar to Medrek. Such transformation of the unitarists as well as the formation and consolidation of the alliance of all the unionists, which do believe in both Oromian unity and Ethiopian/Horn union of autonomous nations, is the best remedy to liberate the empire from tyranny. I do believe that OFC of Medrek is dedicated to this goal even though UDJ is still on a process to digest it. Sure is that in the future, let alone the liberal UDJ of Medrek, even the right extremists will learn to accept and respect this middle position, if they want to save the empire from disintegration by transforming it into a genuine and lasting union of independent nations.

But, at the moment, despite its anti-killil (anti-Oromia) position, UDJ of Medrek deserves the respect of the Oromo people for its progressive approach to work with “ye-biher”/national parties like OFC and for its help in making the impossible be possible, on the contrary to the reactionary, right extremist, unitarist Ethiopianist parties, which hitherto used to demonize such Oromo national organization as “ye goosa dirijit/clanist party”. This modern and tolerant approach of the member parties of Medrek to each other, in spite of their differences, shows that this alliance is better than the fascist Weyane’s EPRDF. That is why I do wish good luck for this Medrek of Birtukan “Mandela”, hoping that it will promote the true Oromian autonomy and Oromian unity within Ethiopian/Horn union. Even though the sham election under Weyane is fake and seems to be already rigged, who knows the impossible can be made possible also in the sham election!


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