May 25, 2010

Reports say Prof. Mararaa, Siye, Aregash, Gizachew, Dr Nagaasoo, Peof. Beyene, Ing. Hailu, Gebru, and Even Lidetu Ayalew lost their seats

Election Updates 3

EPRDF heading to its biggest electoral win since it got to power.
Free, fair, participatory, democratic and peaceful. That is the statement of the Coalition of Ethiopian civil society organizations about the elections
All major opposition figures (Merrara, Seeye, Aregash, Gizachew, Negasso, Beyene, Lidetu, Hailu, Gebru) lost their seats.
22 out of 23 in Addis Ababa(Unconfirmed)
38 out of 38 in Tigray(confirmed)
No single opposition win so far.
You can get it all inside our detailed elections results updates.



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