November 11, 2010

THE WAY FORWARD FOR POLITICAL OPPOSITION FORCES IN THE CURRENT ETHIOPIAN POLITICS (speech delivered by Shigut Geleta (Dr.) on the Workshop organized by Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) 28-29th October 2010 RISC, Reading, UK)

Nov 1, 2010 (uk)- Most nation and nationalities including Oromos are not only deprived of their right and resources but also threatened for their very existence as this has become a reality with the recent land grabbing policy of the regime, which is going to jeopardize and endanger millions of lives in the coming few years. The adversary nature of this policy is not only the fact that it dispossesses and uproots settled farmers from their land but also that it poisons and destructs the ecological balance of the traditional farming communities in various ways. Full Speech

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