The most terrible Islamic Terror Volcano about to erupt: Fake 'Ethiopia'

When you advance in the enemy's territory without opposition, you should expect a well prepared trap that could end in your defeat. When you reach the enemy's capital without having dealt with but a few skirmishes, you should rather worry about the survival of your own country.

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

With the small East Afrika 'Korps' of the Nazi-like Abyssinian tyrant Meles Zenawi reaching Mogadishu, many gullible Western minds think that the end of the Islamic Courts of Justice regime is a reality; unfortunately for them, the only reality is that the African mad dog Meles Zenawi played the game Ossama Bin Laden had ascribed to him long ago. If this happened with the American support that many say but no one can prove so far, it will be good for us all to check whether the US war against the Islamic Terror is just a farce. If this is the case, we should truly examine whether in the name of a War in Afghanistan and another in Iraq the real American target is the ultimate promotion of the Islamist 3rd International to a globally leading political force.

By sending a limited force down to the Somali capital, the murderous Tigray tyrant Zenawi thought he would get rid of the problem. The Islamist leader's declarations from Kismayo, southernmost city – harbor of the Somali volcano, reconfirm our fears that we are about to testify to a long war that will not only provoke the much desired and long awaited end of Abyssinia, but will unfortunately spread the most fanatic, extremist and erroneous version of Islamism throughout Africa.

Unable to win, Abyssinia is predestined to fail.

What could be a possible victory for the badly equipped Abyssinian army? Precisely what did not happen!

If with the Abyssinian forces advancing to Baidoa (provisory capital of the Somali pseudo-government that has been supported by the Amhara/Tigray tyrants of Abyssinia), the bulk of the Islamic militias engaged in and lost a battle, this would be undeniably a victory for the under-equipped, starving army of Abyssinia. But this did not occur!

On the other hand, if the military forces of Somalia's Islamic Courts of Justice decided to prevent Abyssinian army from entering Mogadishu, a city that would naturally help besieged forces endure the siege for long period (for those who have an idea of the local topography), and therefore prepared its defense and closed themselves in a fortified Mogadishu, this also would signify a certain victory for the invading forces of Abyssinia. Even if they did not enter the Somali capital, the engagement of the opponent in a defense strategy would send some signals with taste of victory. But again, this did not happen!

One may suggest that the aforementioned may be true, but is not the case this time, as the Islamist forces retreated only because they did not have the military equipment and training needed to oppose the Abyssinian army. But this would be wrong; they had already got ammunitions that helped them prevail in Mogadishu and most of the Somali south! They opposed the old, shadowy Somali government (the Transitional National Government) that tyrant Zenawi tried to support. They were strong enough to limit it to Baidoa and beyond, in a small area near the Somali / Abyssinian borderline in the west of Baidoa.

One could contend that the Islamist forces, although superior to those of the Transitional National Government, were not possibly strong enough to face an entire army. This would be perhaps correct, but would imply that the invading Abyssinian armed forces are much up to a real army, which is not the case. Frightened to expose the Eritrean border to an attack originating from Issaias Afeworki's armed forces, if deeply involved in Somalia, tyrant Meles Zenawi sent to Baidoa and Mogadishu a small 'Korps' of less than 5000 soldiers and officers. Only few obsolete tanks supported the expedition, whereas at the preliminary stage of the operations a few 'Paleolithic' MIGs carried out an air attack on the Somali capital airport.

This limited force could certainly be opposed by the military machine of the Islamic Courts of Justice. Why did they not face the enemy? Probably, because they are not a regular army, and they do not aspire to carry out a traditional, nationalistic war of independence, as we have attested it here and there. Their concern is Islam, the false version of Islam they understand and believe in! They are engaged in a war of long perspective and great target: they want to impose their version of Islam in Somalia and beyond, throughout Africa. Today and tomorrow, they will be engaged in Baidoa, Mogadishu and Kismayo. Later, when it suits them, they will fight in other parts of Somalia, in Abyssinia, in Sudan, in Kenya, in Mali, in Morocco, in Nigeria. This is the sort of Islamic wind that prevails in their minds. The difference can be easily noticed in the two leaders' faces...

The two leaders: assertive and calm Sheikh Sharif, panicked and aggressive Meles Zenawi

What happened so far is the worst case scenario for this anachronistic and dysfunctional tyranny that is falsely called Ethiopia, and we have good reasons to believe that these events herald Abyssinia's ultimate collapse, which of course corresponds to the desire of the outright majority of the oppressed peoples of the country. That is probably why Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the executive leader of the Islamic Courts of Justice, was so calm and assertive, when talking to the Associated Press “We will not run away from our enemies. We will never depart from Somalia. We will stay in our homeland”. Contrarily to him, the African mad dog Zenawi in his last press conference gave the impression of a mental breakdown. He must live truly terrible days....

What next?

The Islamist Courts of Justice, the Union of Islamic Courts as is their own name, and their military forces will be uninterruptedly organized in the area of Kismayo. They will probably get the support of the Banaadiri people who, Yemenite of origin, have long been deprived of their basic rights in Somalia, and they faced for too long an inimical Transitional National Government and Abyssinian suspicion, permanently viewed as undesired infiltrators.

One must not forget in this regard that the successive Addis Ababa tyrannies expressed always a well covered hatred against Yemen that is due to Amhara / Tigray severe complex of inferiority towards the modern descendants of the land the ancestors of the Abyssinian Tigrays and Amharas had abandoned to cross the Red Sea straits of Bab el Mandeb and settle in the Red Sea coast first (between Adulis / Massawa and Avalites / Assab) and then in the adjacent highlands from Yeha to Axum.

There are two reasons for which we should not expect the Abyssinian 'Korps' advance to Kismayo. First, the local Banaadiris, if caught in the battle between the Union of Islamic Courts and the 'Korps', would cause a great concern of Yemenite involvement. Second, the area is bordering with Kenya that would certainly react – if it has not yet already - to presence of Addis Ababa soldiers in that sensitive part of Kenyan borders.

On the other hand, the Transitional National Government will be further discredited among Somalis, as it came to power to Mogadishu again because of the help of the traditional enemy of Somalia, the Addis Ababa tyranny.

Then, as the lunatic Addis Ababa tyrant promised to stay longer in Somalia to 'pursue terrorists', the support to the Union of Islamic Courts among Somalis will become overwhelming, as they will start successfully exploding one after the other the useless and obsolete tanks – relic weaponry of the incompetent Abyssinian generals. Suicide bombers will rise in great numbers, and they will blow up the Abyssinian garrisons and camps to the last.

When the Amhara and Tigray soldiers' coffins will start making the queue in the Addis Ababa airport, Amhara and Tigray soldiers will find all possible ways to avoid the deadly, military service. Meles Zenawi will be trying to send more and more forces to 'save' his disreputable attempt in Somalia, but will find it impossible to send more, as long as Eritrea's Afeworki will enjoy keeping the Abyssinian wound open in the north.

Something far worse will soon happen in Cenotaph 'Ethiopia' itself; with the first Somali suicide bombers' success, the numerous oppressed peoples of Abyssinia, the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Afars, the Sidamas, and others, will easily realize that Freedom, Independence and National Dignity can be soon achieved through similar methods. They have spent more than a century (in some cases) tyrannized to an unprecedented extent. Now, the Islamic Courts will show them the way. Muslims among the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Afars, and even more so among the Amhara and the Tigray ruling ethnic groups (because these are the worst oppressed minorities in Abyssinia), will realize that everything is easy, without the need of a faraway superpower that otherwise did nothing in their favor, without the need of the European colonials, and without much hesitation.

As consequence to the African mad dog's unconcluded and impossible Mogadishu expedition, suicide bombers will appear in the streets of Mogadishu, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Cairo, Rabat, Bamako and Dakkar. Somalia's Islamic Courts will proliferate like mountain mushrooms in Abyssinia, like desert acacias throughout Sahara, in no time, and if the only way for National Dignity is No Dignity (i.e. suicide bombing), not a single African will care to understand in the end.

Before the African Caliphate is established in Mogadishu, the US must give the utmost urgency to this issue, impose immediate retreat to lunatic Meles Zenawi, and help remove the Amhara/Tigray tyranny from Finfinne (falsely called Addis Ababa). Only the ultimate satisfaction of the oppressed peoples of Abyssinia, as a consequence to the formation of several independent states – national homes for the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Afars, and the Sidamas, will limit the Islamic Courts of Somalia to the place they can claim of: Somalia.

Otherwise, Meles Zenawi will prove to be the best crypto-Islamist in the world!