December 30, 2006

Islamist leader says we will begin insurgency attacks on the Ethiopian troops

Sheik Sharif

(SomaliNet) The defeated Islamic Courts Union has on Saturday called on Somalia people wherever they are to make insurgency and fight against the enemy Ethiopian troops in the country. The leader of executive council of Islamic Courts Union, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed made the call in ceremonial speech of Eid Ad-ha in which he gave to the people in Kismayo city in southern Somalia. “It is an obligation on every Somali individual to fight against the Ethiopian troops who were used to nullify the developments done by the Islamic Courts,” Sheik Ahmed told the gathering in 30 minute speech. “We will not leave Somalia and continue the fighting against the Ethiopian occupation,” The Islamic Court Union still controls parts of southern regions in Somalia despite the government pledge that it would pursue hunting down what they called ‘the remnants of Islamic extremists in Somalia. He said the world powers do not want peace and prosperity in Somalia but to remain in chaos and disorder. “You can understand that when the Islamic Courts came out for the country and brought peace and stability, the world seemed to be opposing the good deeds by the ICU,” Sheik Ahmed said casting condemnation on the interim government officials for leading the country into occupation. We will die for the defense of the country against the enemy through insurgence attacks, he said Sheik Ahmed and other senior Islamic officials including the leader of Shura council of Islamic Courts Union are now in Kismayo city, 500 km south of Somalia capital Mogadishu, where they announced to arrange insurgent attacks on the Ethiopian troops backing the government. He accused the Ethiopian troops of closing all the economic sources in the capital like the airport and seaport. SomaliNet

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