December 30, 2006

Opposing protests rage in the capital

(SomaliNet) Pro and anti foreign interference demonstrations have taken place on Friday in some parts of Somalia capital Mogadishu as the government officials have talks with the city’s authorities.

Hundreds of people have staged a violent protest in Wardhigley district in south of Mogadishu against the presence of the Ethiopian troops in the country while pro-Ethiopian rally happened in north of Mogadishu where people showed strong supportfor the Ethiopian forces.

The protestors in south of Mogadishu cut the roads and burnt tires on the streets while some of them were throwing stones at cars. Many business centers were closed due to this violent demonstration.

The Ethiopian forces armed with tanks and other heavy weapons stationed in several key locations in Mogadishu are preparing for establishing security.

Meanwhile, the festival of Eid Ad-ha in the capital was very small compared to previous years low due security reasons.

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