February 16, 2008

HRLHA Press Release: 65 Oromo refugees murdered and more than 100 others injured

Press Release No9

February 2008

Mass Murder in Bossaso (Puntland, Somalia)

65 Oromo refugees murdered and more than 100 others injured
65 Oromo refugees from Ethiopia were killed and more than 100 others were seriously injured when two grenades were thrown at two different hotels owned by two Oromo refugees, Melaku and Jamal Arsii, in port town of Bossaso in Puntland, Somalia. The victims were watching a video game produced in Oromo Language by the time the attack took place on the 5th of February, 2008.

According to HRLHA informants in the area, the deadly attack was planned and executed jointly by security forces form Ethiopia and Puntland. A three-member mercenary group organized in Ethiopia was sent out to neighbouring countries were refugees from Ethiopia are believed to have been staying to take such actions against suspected members of opposition political organizations. Relatives and family members of the victims in particular give the following proofs to substantiate their claims:

1. One day prior to the attack in Bossaso, houses of Oromo refugees living in Borama and Buro towns of Puntland were searched by the joint Ethio-Puntland security agents.

2. 30 seconds before the happening of the attack, the power was turned off from its source and the whole town remained in absolute darkness; domestic and international telephone networks were disconnected.

3. The town of Bossaso was fully surrounded by heavily armed security forces and all roads leading into and out of the town were blocked.

4. After the attack took place, the bodies of the victims were immediately loaded onto two trucks and taken to unknown places.

5. The vehicle of the Ministry of Interior of Puntland was identified at the place of the attack.

The names of the injured Oromo refugees are:

1.Abrahim Siraj Abrahim 28,born inRobe/Arsi

2. Abdusalam Mustaffa 28,born in Baroda/Hrarge

3. Abdala Kamal Tuse 20, Sude/Arsi

4. Siraj Kadir Mohamed 20,Arsi

5. Abdul Fatah Abubakar 18, Arsi,

6. Suleyman Ahmed,

7. Mohamed Usmael Kasim 18,Machara/Hararge

8. Mohamed Usmael Aliyu 20, Wallo

9 Jamal Mohamed Saali,

10. Ali Mohamed Bashir

11. Fadluu Haji Abdoo 20,Arsi

12. Amin Hussen Abdulqadir

13. Mohamed Aloo

14. Nagawo Abdoo Alliyyi

15. Ture Aman Abdo

16. Mohamed Yasin Ibro

17. Abdujabar Mohamed Abdo 24 Jaju/Arsi

18. Umar Taka

19. AliyyiiAhmed Musa

20. Gidana Muse Dade

21. Umar Aadam Umar raya 23, wallo

22. Jamal Mohamed Ulula 53

23. Mohamed Amin Kadir 22, Robe/Bale

24. Mustafa Salii Abdalla 23,Baddanno/Hararge

25. Abdiugafar Abdulahi Jabran 18, Wakkite Burka/Shwa

26. Abdulle Biluu Ahmed 19, Shirka/Arsi

27. Ziyaad Ibrahim Hassan30,Galamso/Hararge

28. Ahmed Bakar Birka

29. Obsaa Aman Sheeko

30. Abdo kalifa

31. Nagash Mohamed Idris

32. Mohamed Said 21, Marti Abomsa/Arsi

33. Mohamed Gazali Sh. Aman

34. Arabu Hussen Abdurahman

35.Nura Abdurahman Sheka

36. Muhaddin Kamal Aman

37 Mohamed Amade Ulume

38. Umar Mahamud Umare

39. Aliyyi Mohamed Aliyyi 20, Wallo

40. Xahir Hussen Abdilkariim25, Bale

41. Ahmed Mahamud Kalil, Wallo

42. Hassan Umar Duqaa 20, Wallo,

43. Qasim Kadir 22, Lole/Arsi

44. Abdiltif Shubbe Mohamed 42 Bale

45. Redwan Kadir23, Jaju/Arsi

46. Daud Kadir Hussen 20, Jaju/Arsi

47. Abdulmajid Abiti Mohamed 22, Jaju/Arsi

48. Husseen Jara Sulte

49. Umar Ahmed Tarafa, Wallo

50. Abama Nyalata Abit

51. Mohamed Dhere

52. Abdallaa Ahmed Malu ,Sambate/Wallo

53. Nagahu Abdi Ali 38 Robe?Arsi

54. Usmael Hasso Sh Aadam, Machitu/Arsi

55. Alamu Bayana

56. Mohamed Bile Ahmed Yusuf

57.Wandwoson Baqalaa

58. Sulayman Ma’alim Warsame

59. Melaku (hotel owner); and the names of more than 40 victims who are in critical condition were not included

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa/HRLHA believes that such kinds of mass murders were pre-planed and well organized. HRLHA also believes that defenseless civilians who have already fled their home lands seeking for safety and security should get a full protection in countries where they are staying; be it temporarily or permanently. It strongly condemns such barbarous act committed against defenseless refugees. Also, HRLHA is highly concerned about the safety and security of those refugees currently living in Puntland and other neighboring countries.

HRLHA urges other international human rights agencies to join hands with it to condemn these illegal and inhuman acts committed in Bossasso, Puntland against defenseless refugees. HRLHA also requests governments of the west and other international organization to interfere so that the safety and security of the refugees in Puntland and other neighboring countries in the Horn would be secured. In the mean time, HRLHA demands that the barbarous act committed against defenseless refugees be investigated.

The HRLHA is a non-political organization which attempts to challenge abuses of human rights of the people of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa.

HRLHA is aimed at defending fundamental human rights including freedoms of thought, expression, movement and association. It has also aimed at raising the awareness of individuals about their own basic human rights and that of others. It has intended to work on the observances as well as due processes of law. It promotes the growth and development of free and vigorous civil societies.

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