March 18, 2008

Terminated Yugoslavia – Exploding ‘Ethiopia’

In an earlier article entitled ‘Ogaden – the African Kosovo ready for Independence’, we made a parallel between the recently proclaimed as independent Balkan state and the long persecuted Ogaden, the Western part of Somalia that was illegally transferred (by the departing British colonials) to the barbaric and murderous Amhara pseudo-king Haile Selassie of Abyssinia.

In fact, the parallel between Kosova and Ogaden imposes a complete change of the US African policy and an American U-turn in favour of Somalia, Ogaden, Eritrea, and the numerous tyrannized nations of Abyssinia, fallaciously re-baptized as ‘Ethiopia’.

Yugoslavia and 'Ethiopia': two countries of colonial nature

The analogy between Kosova 1998 and Ogaden 2008 was actually heralded by the resemblance between Yugoslavia and Ethiopia. A closer study of the two colonial relics reveals the greatest parallel that can be drawn between Europe and Africa: Yugoslavia and 'Ethiopia'.

Yugoslavia was established through wars (Balkan wars, WW I), and shameful treaties that disregarded the will and the aspirations of numerous nations that unwillingly became slaves of the disproportionately and unjustly expanded tiny Serbian kingdom.

One must have a clear understanding of the historical developments that between 1912 and 1919 transformed the daily life of numerous Balkan nations into a nightmare within the huge tyranny that a few years later was renamed as "Kingdom of Yugoslavia". Certainly, there were expansionist dreams of the nationalist and chauvinist Serbs, who harbored the criminal idea of the re-establishment of their medieval kingdom, which was just an ephemeral development in the History of the Balkans.

Anglo-French colonial interests behind the criminal Serb and Abyssinian tyrants

However, the main force that contributed to these abnormal developments in the Balkans was the colonial interest of France and England, which was prejudicial to the existence of the Ottoman Empire and Austria – Hungary. The two countries had to be unjustly and undeservedly decomposed so that territories inhabited by Slovenes, Croats, Hungarians, Romanians and Bosnians (belonging to Austria – Hungary) and populated by Albanians and Macedonians (belonging to the Ottoman Empire), and Montenegrins become parts of the crazily inflated kingdom of Serbia.

With their support of the anti-democratic, murderous, and inhuman developments, the colonial powers attempted also to disentangle Serbia from Russia, and to limit German interests in the Balkans, which they also achieved.

Similarly, Abyssinia was established through ceaseless wars undertaken by the barbaric Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians who proved to be an alien element in Africa, as they were never in good terms with any African nation, either Kushitic, Nilo-Saharan or Bantu. These wars lasted almost 100 years, and the illiterate, treacherous and cruel pseudo-kings of the tiny Abyssinian kingdom did not respect any early treaties they had signed; contrarily, they were very subservient to their lords, the British and the French colonials who mobilized the barbaric and isolated mountainous kings in order to contain the Italian expansion in Eastern Africa.

Abyssinia: the Anti-Christian country par excellence

In fact, the tiny Abyssinian monarchy was the weakling of the mountains and the monster of the monasteries. As a heretic and mostly idolatrous vulgarization of Christianity has been the local dogma, the behind-the-scenes-ruling heretic, pseudo-Christian monks (the notorious ‘debteras’) repeatedly gave orders and bore responsibility for the assassination of Catholic and protestant missionaries and priests who happened to cross their – definitely unholy – territory around Lake Tana.

The British colonials selected them as ally precisely because the Anti-Christian kingdom of Abyssinia could be a volunteer against Christian Italy and the Vatican. The last gift the British offered to their colonial subservient instruments, the Haile Selassie tyrannical administration, was Ogaden.

In the same way the Anglo-French colonials supported the Serbs at the detriment of the Slovenes, the Croats, the Hungarians, the Romanians, the Bosnians, the Albanians and the Macedonians (who were the main ethnic groups living in areas unjustly attributed to Serbia), the same criminal colonials helped make of the tiny, poor, miserable and Anti-Christian kingdom of Abyssinia an Eastern African colonial power at the prejudice of the Oromo Ethiopians, the Ogadeni Somalis, the Afars, the Sidamas, the Anuaks, the Shekachos, the Kaffas, the Agaws, the Kambatas, the Wolayitas and other mercilessly tyrannized African nations – that have nothing in common with the essentially un-African Abyssinians.

Colonial expansion in figures

In the same way the small Serbian kingdom’s surface was smaller than 40000 km2, but the colonial fabrication ‘Yugoslavia’ covered a sizeable territory of 248000 km2, the Abyssinian kingdom did not control an area larger than 80000 km2 in the first half of the 19th century, but after the Abyssinian colonial expansion (1955) its surface totaled more than 1.2 million m2.

Ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural oppression ran high in either cases; in Yugoslavia, Slovenes and Croats were Catholic, Bosnians and Albanians were Muslim, Macedonians were Orthodox but aspired to (until they achieved in 1968) autocephaly, and Montenegrins had a centuries long tradition of independence and particular localism.

The Hell of colonial Abyssinia (fake 'Ethiopia')

In the colonial Hell named 'kingdom of Abyssinia', Afars and Ogadeni Somalis were Muslims, whereas Oromos were either Muslims or followers of the traditional Oromo monotheistic and aniconic religion, Waqqefanna, and some of them accepted Christianity because of the efforts of various missionaries from the West. All the other nations, the Anuaks, the Shekachos, the Kaffas, the Sidamas, the Kambatas and the Wolayitas had their own religions, and some of them accepted Western Christianity through the work of various missionaries (as in the case of the Oromos).

In Abyssinia, there is an additional dimension; the religious oppression exercised within the context of the same nation, namely the discrimination extensively practiced against the Amhara and Tigray Muslims.

False names to cover the tyranny, the racism, and the hatred

Serbia has to be re-baptized as Yugoslavia in order to justify the Serbian political supremacy over all the non-Serb populations of that colonial state. Similarly, Abyssinia has been renamed as ‘Ethiopia’, as the barbaric pseudo-king Haile Selassie followed Anglo-French instructions that were geared for mainly two reasons, namely

1) to keep Sudan detached from its non-Arabic, Kushitic ("Ethiopian") historical background (part of the Pan-Arabic plan of the Anglo-French colonials), and

2) to justify the criminal rule of the Semitic Abyssinian minority over the Ethiopian Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan majority within the colonially expanded Abyssinia.

Both countries turned from heinous, anachronistic and perilous kingdoms to dictatorial communist establishments, and then to totalitarian, nationalistic, pseudo-republican realms of the utmost inhumanity and criminality.

The End of Yugoslavia

Europe and America could not long tolerate the propagandist of the Pan-Serbian Hatred, the merciless dictator Milosevic. Mostly through painful experience and traumatic wars, Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosova seceded and became independent. Happily enough, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Montenegro gained their independence without war. The incredible nightmare ‘Yugoslavia’ has almost been terminated by now. What is left is that the Muslims of Sanjak, and the Hungarians and the Romanians of Voivodina achieve their long demanded secession from Serbia, and engage themselves in democracy and socioeconomic progress.

Ogaden brings about the Death of fake 'Ethiopia'

As Yugoslavia is about to expire, fake ‘Ethiopia’ is about to explode. Ogaden will secede first, and merge with Somalia where the days of the racist Abyssinian thugs (fallaciously called as soldiers by the irresponsible Jendayi Frazer) are numbered.

The Afar Republic, and the Sidama - Southern Confederation

Then the Oromos, the Afars, and the Southerners will demand their freedom, independence and national dignity. An Afar Republic in the North would merge with Djibouti, whereas in the South and the West, the Sidamas, the Shekachos, the Kaffas, the Kambatas, the Wolayitas and the Anuaks could establish a loose confederation, and the focus separately on cultural – educational development and collectively on socio-economic progress.

The Oromo Republic of Ethiopia

An independent Oromo Republic would demand for all correct historical reasons the exclusive use of the national name of Ethiopia.

The Tigray Republic of Abyssinia

Then the tyrannical elites of the Amhara and Tigray will find no colonized lands and subjugated nations to exploit and will fight among themselves for their only true national name that they so much pretend to dislike now: Abyssinia.

It would also be an aberration, as the custodians of the Axumite Abyssinian Heritage are undisputedly the Tigrays.

Amhara and Serbs: losers will always be the Racists

Isolated between Gonder and Bahar Dar, the Amharas will soon find themselves in the certainly unpleasant position the Serbs find themselves today; simply they will be the only responsible for the curse that will be soon befallen upon them.

And they will not avoid it whatever support they may provisorily get from people of the sort of Jendayi Frazer who under normal democratic procedures in America will be unavoidably impeached.

The dismemberment of fake ‘Ethiopia’ could be much faster than the decomposition of Yugoslavia, so much rejected by all the oppressed nations the Abyssinians are.

Jendayi Frazer: unable to save tyrant Zenawi and the Neo-Nazi Party Kinijit

Explosions will be soon the daily rhythm in the country that ridiculously Ass. Secretary Jendayi Frazer dares describe as US ally. It would therefore be very significant to republish here at the end of this article the news earlier spread through Reuters.

The disintegration of Abyssinia will be the subject of several forthcoming articles, but the news about explosions will be more numerous; we will have the opportunity to analyze why the US must contribute immediately to the Death of ‘Ethiopia’; if the present administration does not act fast an ‘Afghanistan on the African plateau’ will soon be a reality.

Eight killed in Ethiopia blast blamed on Eritrea - police

Addis Ababa (Reuters) - An explosion on a bus in northern Ethiopia killed eight people and wounded 27 on Thursday, a police official said, blaming the attack on agents from Ethiopia's arch-foe Eritrea.

A federal police commander, Demash Hailu, said the bus had been traveling between the towns of Humera and Shire in the north's Tigray region.

"Investigations have shown that the bomb was planted by Eritrean agents," Demash told Reuters, without giving further details.

Ethiopia has often accused Eritrea of being behind blasts on its territory.

Demash also said "many" young Eritreans, including soldiers had crossed into Ethiopia in recent days -- without giving more information.

The two Horn of Africa neighbors, which fought each other in a two-year war ending in 2000, are locked in a bitter impasse over their 1,000 km (620 mile) border.

Picture: Meroe - the Pyramids of Ethiopia in today's Sudan: cradle of the Modern Oromos
By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
Published: 3/15/2008


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