November 11, 2008

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Nov 11 - Martyrdom of Oromo Liberation Fighter is Honorable and Propels the Struggle (Statement of OLF)
Nov 10 - Artist Zerhun Wadajoo humna tikaa Wayyaaneen Ukkaamfame
Nov 10 - Mass Arrest and Imprisonment of Oromos in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa
Nov 10 - The New Wave of Mass Arrest Continues On
Nov 10 - Race to save world's rarest wolf
Nov 9 - Save the Oromo people (Appeal of Oromo Parlamentarians concerning the new wave of mass arrest of Oromos in Ethiopian empire)
Nov 9 - Sadaasi 9 Seenaa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Keessatti Bakka Ol-aana Qaba
Nov 7 - OLF Statement: On the Mass Arrest of the Oromo People by the TPLF Regime
Nov 6 - Widespread Detention of Prominent Oromos Resumed Again: At least 12 more Oromos Detained
Nov 6 - Ethiopian government accused of mass arrest campaign under cover of terror plot
Nov 6 - OLF Dinner & Pannel Discussion (Announcement)
Nov 5 - History Is Made In America
Nov 4 - Oromo Liberation Army Registers another Glaring Victory: Puts 73 Enemy Troops out of Action!
Nov 3 - Ethiopia arrests opposition leader, journalist hurt (Humnni tika wayyaanee oromoota 15 ol mana hidhaa Maa'ikalaawwii tti guurte)
Nov 3 - Oromoon Kara Hunda Samamaa Jira
Nov 2 - HRLHA Urgent Action No. 5 (October 2008)
Nov 2 - The EPRDF/TPLF Security Agents continued their Arrest and Intimidation of Innocent Oromos!
Nov 2 - Heavy fighting erupted in Ethiopia’s Somali region
Oct 31 - Deported parents face a hard decision
Oct 31 - Bargammoo (Walaloo Suuraa Dhugaa)
Oct 28 - Ayyaanni Irreechaa bara 2008 Tuulama keessatti Magaalaa Bishooftuutti Onk. 5 bara 2008, Sirna Oo’adhaan kabajameera
Oct 27 - Urgent Action!! Save Mesfin Itana!!
Oct 26 - Jaalala Bilisummaa Hiraar Gabrummaa (Walaloo Suuraa Dhugaa)
Oct 24 - Obama or McCain? First-time voter is “proud to be an American”
Oct 23 - Somaliland Transfers Custody of Oromo Man to Ethiopia
Oct 22 - US Says Draft Ethiopian NGO Law Would "Close Political Space"
Oct 20 - OMRHO Press Release: No Place for Oromos to Flee Persecution
Oct 19 - British minister withholds aid as Ethiopia hides famine victims
Oct 17 - Four feared dead in Mandera inter-clan fighting
Oct 13 - Qubee (Walaloo M. Roobeeraa)
Oct 11 - Turning Back The Wheels of History (Press Release of OMRHO on the current issue of Oromo TV program)
Oct 11 - OLF breakaway faction, elders to resume talks in Ethiopia
Oct 10 - Ayyaanni Irreecha 2008 Biyyoota Addunyaa Addaddaa Keessatti Kabajame
Oct 9 - Resolution of the OLF National Council Extraordinary Meeting
Oct 8 - ETHIOPIA: Can't eat, won't learn
Oct 7 - Ethiopia’s Largest Ethnicity Group Deprived of Linguistic and Cultural Sensitive Media Outlets
Oct 6 - Take Action Against Human Rights Violation in Ethipia! Support this Bill by writing or calling your Senator in USA
Oct 6 - OMRHO Press Release on Oromo Refugeen in Kenya
Oct 5 - Jaallummaa (Walaloo J/ O. O.)
Oct 5 - Meles claims "there is no hunger in Ethiopia" but the truth is ...
Oct 3 - Muka Qottoo (Walaloo J/ O. Q.)
Oct 3 - Ethiopia/Kenya: Account for Missing Rendition Victims
Sep 30 - Sabboonaa-Sabboontuu!!! (Walaloo J/ O.O.)
Sep 29 - Eenyummaa Oromoo Balleessuuf Yakka Wayyaaneen Raawwachaa Jirtu Oromoon Martinuu Dura Dhaabachuu Qaba (GPO)
Sep 29 - Ethiopia's Quagmire
Sep 27 - Oromo TV shutdown raises fierce anger
Sep 26 - Wahumaa Na Dhibee (Walaloo Aaddee Saartuu Oromoo)
Sep 26 - HRLA Press Release September 2008
Sep 23 - Groups of Oromo Liberation Activity – Ground Work for the Liberation of Oromia (Part VII)
Sep 23 - What the Groups of Oromo Liberation Activity (GOLA) Must Do to Liberate Oromia (Part VI)
Sep 22 - Ethiopia accused of hiding famine as millions starve
Sep 19 - Gaafii Firaa (Walaloo Saartuu Oromoo)
Sep 15 - Groups of Oromo Liberation Activity (GOLA) and the Liberation of Oromia (Part V)
Sep 14 - Gaafii fi Deebii Raadiyoon Hawaasa Oromoo Washington DC J/ Toleeraa (MSG-ABO) waliin godhe as tuqaa dhaggeeffadhaa
Sep 14 - Brad and Angelina Open an HIV/AIDS Clinic in Ethiopia
Sep 13 - Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia Act of 2008
Sep 11 - Goffstown family adopts two boys from Ethiopia
Sep 8 - Every Oromo: A Leader in the Oromia Liberation Struggle (Part IV)
Sep 8 - A Transcendental Approach to the Need for Oromo Leadership – Part III

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