November 18, 2008

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Appeal of Oromo Parlamentarians Council to the International Community Concerning Gross Human Rights Violation in Oromia Nov 18, '08 12:25 PM
for everyone
Oromo Parliamentarians Council
Gumii Parlaamaa Oromoo

To: The International Community
Human right organizations
All Concerned bodies

It is the high time for all the concerned body to interfere in the gross human right violation of Oromo from all walks of life and secure their constitutional freedom. As of 30/10/2008 the TPLF led Ethiopian government has put under unlawful detention more than 100 Oromo’s of different background in different cities of Oromiya including in the capital city under the notorious pretext of supporting the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The list we have yet received includes:

1. Mr. Baqale Jirata, General Secretary of (OFDM) Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement, Registered legal political Organization.
2. Mr. Ishetu Kitili ,Owner of Hawwii Hotel
3. Mr. Asafa Dibaba ,Lecturer of Afan Oromo at Addis Ababa University
4. Mrs. Lelise Wodajo , Wife of journalist Dhabessa Waqjira
5. Mr. Kebede Borena ,Manager of Hilton Hotel , Addis Ababa
6. Mr. Dasta Kitili ,Brother of Mr.Ishetu Kitili
7. Mr. Worqina ,Teacher in Dambidollo school
8. Mr. Namoomsa Warqina ,Teacher in Bakejama school
9. Mr. Geetahun , From Wollega University
10. Mr. Belay Korme ,From Neqemte Hospital pharmacy
11. Mr. Kabade Bulti ,Trader
12. Mr. Niguse Dhaba
13. Mr. Fiqadu Jalqaba , College student
14. Mr. Baqale Negeri
15. Mr. Dejene Dhaba , Trader
From Manasibu and Qiltu karra district the following Oromo’s were imprisoned for the same allegation
16. Mr.Qajela Abdata from Mandi town ,member of OFDM imprisoned from 1997- 2003 and in 2005 and now for the third term.
17. Mr. Tokkon Mardasaa, Member of OFDM and imprisoned in 2005 , tortured to the level of disability and confiscated his property
18. Mr.Bulti Jalata , OFDM member imprisoned in 2005,tortured to the level of disability and confiscated his property.

Wallo Oromia Zon Sanbate district 13 peoples are killed by TPLF security forces.

1. Mr. Aadama Umer Kubi
2. Mr. Usee Ammadaa Usee
3. Mr. Rahammad Abdullaa
4. Mr. Saalih Buubaa
5. Mr. Umaruu Ahmed Ali
6. Mr. Mohammad Diinaa
7. Mr. Aliyi Muhe
8. Mr. Mussa Mohammad
9. Mr. Jaaraa Ammadee
10. Mr. Abba Aadam
11. Mr. Umer Buubaa Umaruu
12. Mr. Mohammad Usee Ali
13. Mr. Husuu Aliyi
This is only part of the list and the imprisonment is still going on in all Oromia Zones especially in Finfinne (Addis Ababa), Baddannoo, Burqaa, Kurfaa, Calle, Gurawwaan, Mettaa, Geedoo, Neqemte, Finca’a.
Accordingly we call up on International Community, European Parliament, European Commission, USA, AU, UK and the human right groups Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, International Red Cross, UNPO, UNHCR and all the concerned body to speak up on the injustice carried against the Oromo people for being Oromo alone by the Meles Zenawi government
Oromo Parliamentarians Council
Nov 16. / 2008

Gumii Paarlaamaa Oromoo (GPO), Oromo Parliamentarians Council (OPC)
sint-Jobstraat 43, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium,
Tel 0032488 47 93 60, Email:
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Blog Entry Mass Arrest And Killings In Oromia (Statement of OMRHO) Nov 18, '08 12:20 PM
for everyone
Oromo Menschenrechts- und Hilfsorganisation (OMRHO e.V.)
Oromo Human Right and Relief Organisation
Ijaarsa Mirga Namoomaa fi Gargaarsa Oromoo


The Oromo Human Right and Relief Organization (OMRHO) received yesterday alarming and shocking news that at least 13 Oromos have been killed in cold blood by the TPLF regime in Northern Oromia, Wallo, at a district known as Sambatee. The reason given for the killing was their political affiliation with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The precise date and their circumstance of death remain yet unknown. What is certain is that they were killed by government security forces. List of the killed includes the following names:

1. Mr. Aadam Umer Kubii
2. Mr. Usee Ammadaa Usee
3. Mr. Rahammad Abdullaa
4. Mr. Saalih, Buubaa
5. Mr. Umaruu, Ahmed Alii
6. Mr. Mohammad Diinaa
7. Mr. Aliyyii Muhee
8. Mr. Hassan Mohammad
9. Mr. Jaarraa, Ammadee
10. Mr. Abbaa Aadam
11. Mr. Umer Buubaa Umaruu
12. Mr. Mohammad Usee Alii
13. Mr. Husuu Aliyyii.

According to the information we got, the mentioned were previously forcefully displaced from their village known as Jiillee, near to Laga Saagat in Sambatee district, and transferred to somewhere unspecified. Their murder by the regime took place after they were uprooted from their community with a sinister aim of avoiding public awareness and thereby communal unrest. Our source of information added that there were numerous other individuals who survived the death squad with serious injuries. In view of this fact therefore it is highly probable that the number of the killed may increase soon.

The TPLF/EPRDF regime is virtually in a state of war against the Oromo public at large. This is true particularly since the new wave of mass arrest in the last couple of weeks. Reports about mass arrest, kidnapping, displacement and torture are overwhelming OMRHO. According to our freshest information, Harargee region is this time the target of the regime’s all out action campaign. Accordingly, the following individuals were reported to have been kidnapped, on 11th November 2008, by the regime and where their about remain yet unknown:

1. Mr. Jaafarii and Mr. Abdusalaam from a locality known as Gooroo Guutuu, Baroodaa town in Harargee region.
2. Mr. Mohammad Aamma from a locality Cinaaqsan, Ordee village.
3. Mr. Joohar from Baabbilee area, Feerroo village.
4. Mr. Abdul Aziiz from Qilee village

While the above mentioned are those who were kidnapped and no one can tell where their about, the following are those who were arrested by official federal police and security forces of the regime on the same date, 11/11/ 2008.

1. Mr. Haarun Kabir Ibroo and his wife Mrs. Fatiyaa Ahimed, arrested and their property confisicated by the regime.
2. Mr. Abdii Amadee.
3. Mr. Toofiq imprisoned
4. Mrs. Caaltuu
5. Mr.Mohammad Sheekaa,
6. Mr. Abdii Muummadee,
7. Mr. Mohammad Alii,
8. Mr. Mohammad Abdallaa Ahmad,
9. Mr. Mohammad Haajii,
10. Mr. Geetaachoow,
11. Mr. Abdii Walloo,
12. Mr. Birraatuu Kabbadaa,
13. Mr. Mohammad Hawaash,
14. Mr. Aliyyii Faxiiraa,
15. Mr. Najjaash Awwadaay,
16. Mr. Abdurahamaan Mohammad
17. Mr. Saabit Abdurahmaa Aammee

All these mentioned individuals are from Diree Dhawaa city in Harargee region. The reason for their imprisonment was said to be, by the regime, their political opinion or organizational affiliation.

In view such an all out gross human right violation, it is obvious that the Ethiopian state is getting in a very turbulent and dangerous situation. Its danger lies precisely in the dissemination and naturalization of violence into the civil society, which could lead in the final analysis to a common ruin. OMRHO recommends all peace, justice and democracy loving nations of the world to act before it would be too late to act as it often happened else where in Africa. OMRHO strongly believes that humanity would ultimately prevail.

Oromo Menschenrechts- und Hilfsorganisation (OMRHO e.V.)
Postfach 690320 / 30612 Hannover / Germany
Telefax & Telefon: 49-(0) 511-5389697 Email: oromohro @
Bank: Postbank Hamburg, Konto 998827206 (BLZ 200 100 20)
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Blog Entry Statement of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Regarding VOA Interview on Negotiations with the TPLF Regime Nov 17, '08 3:55 PM
for everyone
To Set the Record Straight Statement of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
Regarding VOA Interview on Negotiations with the TPLF Regime

In an interview with the Voice America Amharic Service, and also reported by the Afaan Oro- moo Service, on November 14, 2008, Rev. Ittafaa Goobanaa, as Representative of the Oromo Elders, stated, among others, that the OLF has accepted, in principle, the TPLF/EPRDF (Ethiopian) Government's Constitution, to negotiate a peaceful resolution of the political differences between the two. The OLF is compelled to respond to the issues raised in this interview to set the record straight.

To begin with the OLF has a clear and standing policy regarding negotiations with the TPLF re- gime. It is true that in January 2008, the OLF delegation met with the Oromo Elders group, in the presence of a third party observer and facilitator, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The OLF

Delegation went into the discussion with these elders respecting the traditional position of elders in our society without questioning the motive, the identity or the feasibility of their project. All the OLF Leadership's contacts with the Oromo elders were conducted in the presence of a third

party facilitator. The OLF delegation has made clear to the elders the OLF's long standing policy of negotiation with the TPLF regime (Ethiopian Government) among which is that no precondi- tion should be attached to it.

It is also true that the Oromo Elders Group presented to the OLF delegation their proposal to the OLF and the Ethiopian Government to enter into negotiation. The presented proposal requires the OLF, among others, to Accept, in principle, the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. After an extensive discussion, the OLF Leadership delegation agreed, despite clear contravention of the earlier understanding and its policy, to present the proposal to

the OLF Executive Committee (EC) and communicate its decision to the Oromo Elders Group, via the facilitator, in two weeks. This was the only promise that the OLF leadership delegation made to the Oromo Elders Group.

Accordingly, the Elders' proposal was presented to the OLF EC. On February 26, 2008, the OLF EC communicated, via the facilitator, its decision to the Oromo Elders Group that the OLF will not accept any precondition to enter into negotiation with the TPLF regime, as this will con- travene its policy. The OLF EC's decision, communicated to the OLF Elders Group stated that, his latest Elders proposal asking the OLF ˜to accept the Ethiopian Constitution is once again in contrary and contradiction to the above mentioned understanding within which the OLF entered into discussion with you. Furthermore, the OLF EC restated the long standing policy of the OLF pertinent to the peace negotiation with Ethiopian Government and informed the Oromo Elders Group that, The OLF-EC, therefore, reiterates its commitment to dialogue without pre- condition in the presence of third party.

On March 7, 2008, the Oromo Eluders Group Representative sent a letter to the Chairman of the OLF and confirmed the receipt of the above mentioned letter of February 26, 2008, and re
quested for face-to- face meeting between the Elders Group and the OLF Leadership. The requested face-to-face meeting did not take place to date, as it was not necessary to enter into discussion on the OLF's position with the elders. The above is the whole truth.

The interview on the VOA seems to convey that the OLF delegation agreed to the precondition and, also fails to inform the audience that the OLF EC has accordingly responded to the proposal on time. We implore our elders to adhere to the established tradition of Oromo elders and safeguard the reputation of that respected institution.

Victory to the Oromo People!

Oromo Liberation Front

November 15, 2008
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Blog Entry OSG Press Release November 2008: Crackdown on Oromo politicians and members of civil society Nov 16, '08 6:41 AM
for everyone

60 Westminster Rd

Malvern, Worcs


Tel: 01684 573722

November 2008
Crackdown on Oromo politicians and members of civil society

Once again, prominent members of Oromo civil society – politicians, university lecturers, businessmen, lawyers and other professional people – have been arrested under the pretext of supporting the Oromo Liberation Front.

As in similar waves of detention of Oromo civilians in 1997/8, 2002 and 2004, their only crime has been to be critical of government policies against Oromo people and to refuse to join the government Oromo party, the OPDO. As in previous large scale arrests of prominent members of Oromo civil society, Ethiopian Television has reported that weapons were found during forced searches of the homes of the accused.

Most of those who were detained and tortured during the previous large scale detentions were released after up to three years imprisonment, without ever being presented with any evidence to support allegations of ‘terrorism’ and involvement with the OLF.

Arrests and house searches in Addis Ababa and across Oromia Region began on 29 October and have continued at least until 10 November. Detainees have been taken to Maikelawi Central Investigation Department, notorious for the torture and detention without trial of political opponents to the regime.

At least 100 have been arrested, including:

Mrs Aberash Yadeta

Mrs Asada Imana

Asafa Tefera Dibaba, lecturer in Oromo language, Addis Ababa University.

Banti Bula

Bayisa Hinsene, High School student, Ambo.

Bayisa Lata, 28, Addis Ababa University student.

Bekele Jirata, 66, General Secretary of the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) party, an employee of Oromia Water Resources. Chairman of the OFDM, Bulcha Demeksa, told Sudan Tribune on 5 November that Bekele had been held for six days without charge and without being allowed to see his family or a lawyer. He said at least 15 OFDM supporters were detained.

Bekele Negeri*

Belay Korme*, pharmacist, Nekemte Hospital, Wallega.

Bulti Jalata*, OFDM member, Mana Sibu/Qiltu Kara, Wallega, also detained and tortured in 2005, disabled from torture, property confiscated.

Chalsissa Abdissa

Mrs Chaltu Takala

Desta Kitil*, businessman, brother of Eshetu Kitil, see below.

Dejene Dhaba*, trader.

Dereje Borena, brother of Kebede Borena, below.

Mrs Diribe (Bontu) Ittana

Diribsa Legesse

Eshetu Kitil, 54, businessman and owner of the Hawi Hotel, Addis Ababa.

Fikadu Jalqaba*, university/college student.

Getahun*, University student (a professor, according to, Wallega.

Gudata Dabale, 48, High School Teacher and Director of Finance of the Macha-Tulama Association (Oromo welfare and self-help organisation whose members have been persecuted since its inception in the 1960s – including during the 1997/8 arrests).

Imiru Gurmessa, 70, businessman.

Jara Ebissa, High School student, Ambo.

Kebebew Feyee

Kebede Borena, a Senior Manager of Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa.

Kebede Bulti*, businessman.

Ms Lalisee Dhiphisaa, 33, a staff member for the recently closed Oromo program on Ethiopian Television.

Mrs Lelise Wodajo, journalist and wife of exiled television journalist Dhabasa Wakjira, himself a former detainee. There are concerns about the care of their three young children.

Namomsa Warqina*, school teacher, Bakejama, Wallega.

Nigusie Dhaba*

Qajela Abdata*, OFDM member, Mendi, Wallega, imprisoned 1997-2003 and in 2005.

Roba Gadafa, 27, employee of Hibret Insurance Company.

Shumi Dandana, High School student, Ambo.

Tokkon Mardasaa*, OFDM member, Mana Sibu/Qiltu Kara, Wallega, also detained and tortured in 2005, disabled from torture, property confiscated.

Mrs Urge Ababa, her husband Girma, their three year old child and her brother, Dargu.

Wabe Haji, lawyer with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Worqina*, school teacher, Dembi Dollo, Wallega.

Zerihun Wadajo, famous Oromo singer..

* information from Oromo Parliamentarians Council. Other reports are from Oromo Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation and Human Rights League in Horn of Africa.

Source: Oromia Support Group
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Blog Entry Once Again, A Political Stunt: Tigre Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) Style Nov 15, '08 6:47 AM
for everyone
Once Again, A Political Stunt:
Tigre Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) Style

The (TPLF) clique has been brutalizing the non-Tigre peoples of Ethiopia since seizing power with the help of the Senior Bush administration in 1991 and has continued its rein of terror against innocent people with impunity. This murderous group has been able to hoodwink three US administrations: the Senior Bush, Clinton, and the present Bush administration in the name of “war on terror”. In December 2006, the present Bush administration financed and equipped this brutal regime to invade Somalia. This invasion has produced nothing for the US and the Ethiopian people, except death and destruction to a neighborly people whose country was already reeling from 16 years of civil war following the downfall of dictator Said Barre.

Sensing that it would be held responsible for committing War Crimes in Somalia and Ethiopia itself, the TPLF gang now wants to hoodwink the new US administration into believing that it has to continue to be financed and equipped since it alone is democratic government that is a trusted partner to fight terrorism. To get the attention of the new US administration, the clique has already started to “cry wolf”. A case in point: all of a sudden, out of the blue, the regime first announced that there would be “an imminent terrorist attack and then, before too long, concocted that it “lured an OLF commander and killed him and captured his accomplices”. In addition, in the past two weeks, the TPLF regime of Meles Zenawi has been rounding up innocent and peace loving Oromo people. These include members of its own so called parliament, business people, teachers, students, journalists, farmers. Among them, we have learned the detention of
Mr. Bekele Jirata, secretary of the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM), a registered legal political party,
Mr. Eshetu Kitil, owner of the famous Hawi Hotel in Addis Ababa (known to Oromos as Finfine),
Mrs. Lalise Wadajo , a well known journalist,
Mr Asefa Dibaba, Professor at Addis Ababa Univercity,
Mr. Kebede Borana, Manager (Hilton Hotel),
Mr. Desta Kitil, businessman ,
Mr. Warqineh,
Mr. Namoomsa Warqineh (teacher),
Mr. Getahun (Professor ),
Mr. Balay Korme (pharmacist),
Mr. Kabada Bulti (businessman),
Mr Negusie Dhaba,
Mr. Fiqadu Jalqaba ( university student),
Mr. Baqala Nagari,
Mr. Dejene Dhaba (businessman),
Mr. Qajela Abdata (OFDM party member),
Mr. Tokkon Mardasa(OFDM member),
Mr. Bulti Jalata (OFDM member).

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, as this mass imprisonment is widespread and on going. We urge the international community to demand the release of the above victims, including 80-90 year old men, already imprisoned for many years without charge.

We strongly believe that all these new mass arrests that are directed against all these innocent Oromo individuals is part of a planned TPLF’s political stunt to mislead and deceive the international community in general and the new American administration in particular. It is unfortunate that the out going US administration has supported this brutal regime in Ethiopia in the name of “war on terror”. We strongly believe that the regime is responsible for radicalizing otherwise peace loving segment of Ethiopian population. This is why we opposed the invasion of the nation of Somalia in the first place. We are afraid that this trend will eventually spill over to Ethiopia itself, whose Muslim population is considered to be about 50%.

We urge the international community at large and the President-Elect Obama administration to advance the cause of Human Rights in the Horn of Africa rather than appeasing the brutal regime in Ethiopia. It is the best way to safeguard democracy and its principles of human rights, peace, equality, and justice. In addition, we appeal to all peace loving people and organizations to support the just struggles for democracy of the Oromo people and all other Ethiopians and demand the unconditional release of hundreds and thousands of all political prisoners languishing in TPLF torture chambers.
Advocacy for the Fundamental Rights of
Oromos & Others (AFRO-O)
P. O. Box 422
Burtonsville, Maryland 20866


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