February 07, 2009

TPLF/ EPRDF Crime Against Oromos Exposed in Tesfaye Yemane'abs' Book "Yegaazexanyaawu Maastawashaa"

Tesfaye Gebre'ab Exposed TPLF/ EPRDF Crime Against Oromos In His Book "Ye Gaazexanyaawu Maastaaweshaa" Feb 7, '09 3:50 PM

Waayee itaaba kana dubbisuuf, as tuqaa
Dubbisaa! Walii dabarsaa! Kitaabnni kun miidhaa mootummaa bicuun TPLF/EPRDF uummata oromoo irra geessisaa jirtu kan saaxil baasu dha.

"YeGazetegnaw Mastawesha" is Availeble in Europe ,USA & Africa (Europe - aharboy@yahoo.com)

Washington DC (Arrived) - Dama restaurant.

Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta: write to Selama distribution at elesbaan@live.com

South Africa: Pretoria habesha restaurants. Kenya: Nairobi esilee habesha book shops.

Germany: Kiosk market - Mainzerlandstr.123 - 60327 Frankfurt am main - zdesta@web.de - Tel.069/24249008 - Fax.069/24249145 - Mob.015205197907

Holand: terry sium tel 0031614291975

London: Dawit 00447908716670

Sweden: Ebony afro cosmoticsbryggergatan 6, 111 22 Stockholm - tel 00468205818 or 468203813
klara Norra kyrkogata 15 - 111 22 Stockholm - tel: 00468103622 - Fittja Centrum - Fittja vagen 3-9 tel. 0046853184648

OromiaTimes thanks Mr Tesfaye for writting this book and exposing TPLF/EPRDF's crime against the Oromo nation. We recommend our visitors to buy and read this outstanding book.

"An explosive book by a former TPLF insider

January 22nd, 2009

Tesfaye Gebre-Ab, an Ethiopian journalist and former high-level official with an intimate knowledge of the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front's inner workings, has just written an explosive book entitled "The Journalist's Memoir" that lays bare a great deal of highly sensitive secrets, including the assassinations of some prominent people and the motive behind them. Tesfaye currently lives in exile. The 400-page book is now being circulated in Europe and will soon be available in the U.S. It's an absolute must read book."

Ethiopian Review

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