August 20, 2009

Opinion: The universal truth about TPLF cadres in cyber world (Fayyis Oromia)

The universal truth about TPLF cadres in cyber world

Fayyis Oromia*

As predicted by most of us, all "renowned" TPLF cadres are coming back now in to cyber world one by one after having a break and being prepared for the "election 2010". We will definetly read in a near future a lot from the experienced cadres and of course also from the "new" ones especially articles on divisive topics like "ethnic federalism"!

As we observed till now , Ethiopian Review, EMF, Abugida, Ecadforum...etc are the forums where TPLF cadres talk to each other in an attempt to devide the opposition in a camp of Amhara democratic forces. Some of the cadres act as pro concervative Amharas aka AEUP or EPRP, some like liberal Amharas aka UDJ or G-7, some like Eritreans, few of them like Oromians....etc. We do find almost no genuine Amhara (be it concervative or liberal), very few genuine Eritreans and almost no genuine Oromian in this forum. The cadres are doing the same theater also in Manabuna, Jimma times, regarding the camp of Oromo freedom fighters. Here they act as members of different Oromo regions, parties and religions and try to quarell just to show as if Oromos are fighting on subordinate things. In general TPLF cadres do run now like a rabid dog in every forum just to sow a discord between Amharas and Oromos, between different Amhara groups and between different Oromo groups just to hinder a coordinated opposition force from these two BIG nations against their power. But just by observing the political development on the ground, fact is that, nothing will save them from the demise coming in a near future. Amharas and Oromos need to keep the following in mind and let Weyane cadres talk to each other in all forums. They need to leave the forums and make only Weyane cadres talk to each other when trying to devide Amhara parties and Oromo fronts!

TPLF cadres' main mission is to polarize:
- "Nefxenya Amhara" vs "oppressed Oromo"
- pro Duad OLF vs pro Kemal OLF
- Phenxee vs Waaqeffata
- Wellega vs Arsi

- Gojjam vs Gonder
- "stu*pid OLF leaders" vs "poor followers"

- "idiot" Amhara opposition leaders vs their poor followers

- "moderate" UDJ/G-7 vs "conservative" AEUP/EPRP
- .......etc

Of course we should make it possible for Weyane cadres to write, what we genuine Amharas and Oromos detest for writing what ever they want is their human right. But we have to have them always in a check. Fact on the ground is that, those quarrelling in cyber world to "show" us how Amharas and Oromos are enemies of each other and how the Oromo nation is "devided", how Amhara parties are in conflict and how we all are "fighting among our selves" are most not genuine Amharas or Oromos!

TPLF cadres' duties are defined by an American republican as follows: "Any time you get your opponents to fight amongst themselves, that's a good day" The maneuver is working for now. Isn't that right?

As an example, typical of TPLF cadres in Oromo forums is that they write a lot of pro Oromo phrases first, just to demonize at the end one of the following Oromo groups: Phenxe-Oromo, Waaqeffata-Oromo, Moslem-Oromo, Orthodox-Oromo, Wellega-Oromo, Arsi-Oromo, Harar-Oromo, Macca-Tullama Oromo (Shoa-Oromo), OPDO-Oromo, OLF-Oromo, Kemal-group, Daud-group, Galassa-group, AWO, IFLO, Oromo-LFs, Oromo-peasants, Oromo-scholars, LF-leaders, Oromo-"terrorists"......etc. Or they go further and discuss the "weakness" of Oromo individual scholars, leaders or the issue of the untimely "Nefxenya Amharas" vs Free Oromia. Their contribution against the ruling dictatorial regime is very minimal. This is the subtle way to sow a discord among these Oromo groups! This approach is a good marker of them. No genuine and conscious Oromo on earth does such thing at this particular time. The more TPLF cadres write, the better we Oromos get to know them! Let them go on! Oromo's cyber detector is registering every syllable these people put in ink!!"

In summary, there are five ways used by TPLF caders in Oromo forums to attack Oromo Liberation movement aka QBO (Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo):

- they present them selves as a radical pro Ethiopian Unity Amharas and curse Oromo Liberation Forces as "separatist".

- they present them selves as pro "federalism" Tigarus who fought for the right of nations in the empire and curse Oromo Liberation forces as anti-federalism.

- they present them selves as supporter of OLF, but as if they are against the leaders of QBO and curse leaders of Oromo Liberation movement.

- they present them selves as pro Ethiopian Union Oromos and curse OLF and its leaders as "secessionists".

- they present them selves as pro Oromian Independence and curse OLF and similar liberation movements as "betrayers" of the Kayyoo (goal) of Oromo struggle.

What ever they do, the effect is deviding, attacking and weakening the political camp of Oromo Liberation. If there are some naive Oromos who do unkowingly play the same role, they just need to check what they are doing. Even if they are legitimately critical against Oromo movement and the leaders, cyber world is not the appropriate area to excercise their criticism. Such cyber "critics" is the main mission of TPLF caders for they know that in modern politics critcs is almost the same to firing a bullet towards the foe. That is why I dare to say: fool Oromos entertaining these TPLF cadres in forums do contribute almost half to their divisive mission.

A fact regarding Oromo Liberation movement is that there are two wings in Oromo liberation struggle:

1. - the wing which strives to achieve Oromo people's Freedom and Oromo land's (Oromia's) Independence from Abyssinian ("Ethiopian") domination without a possible Union of nations in the empire/region.

2. - the wing which argues to liberate Oromo people from only cultural, economical and political domination, but tries to keep the Integrity of Ethiopia (Cushland) from Meroe to Mombaasa for this wing believes that Meroe was originally Oromo and people from there to Mombaasa are biological Oromos who became diversified in due time to different sub-languages and sub-cultures.

This second wing seems to get momentum, and even it got acceptance by some people in OLF leadership. It is also very interesting for Abeshas, who do cry for Ethiopian Unity. Oromo's Ethiopia is greater than the Ethiopia they are crying for. Oromos think, Ethiopia (land of Cush) includes Nubia (Nufbiyya in Afaan Oromo), Somalia, present Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Northeast Kenya up to Mombaasa. This area is now a days called Horn of africa. Oromo politicians being lead by this second principle are for Oromian Independence within Ethiopian Union rather than for Oromian Independence without such Union. That is why they forged an alliance like AFD and MEDREK to struggle together for Freedom of all nations in this region and for the multinational democracy to forge and keep Union of the region.
To realize this, the worst devider and terrorist of the region aka TPLF must be removed.An alliance like AFD organizing all nations for this Union is the anti-dote of the Tigaru domination front, which is the cancer of the region!!

I also could observe that some Oromos do swing between the two goals of political struggle in the Ethiopian empire. At one side they do advocate unconditional bilisummaa of Oromo people and walabummaa of Oromo land within or without regional Union. On the other hand they do advocate the compromise solution for the conflict between Abehsas and Oromos, i.e unconditional Ethiopian Unity with Oromo Liberty! But these people didn't yet understand that Oromos need not struggle for the compromise solution, but for the best solution we want to achieve aka self-determination. We actually do accept the above mentioned compromise solution, only if we are not in a position to achieve our optimal End.

Our optimal End is bilisummaa Oromo with walabummaa Oromia within or without Regional Union, for which OLF is struggling. The poor compromise solution is bilisummaa Oromo in walfanummaa Ethiopia (with unconditional Ethiopian Unity) which is now accepted by OFC Oromos in MEDREK. So I do recommend that such "fool" Oromos in MEDREK should stop striving for such compromise solution and fight for the desired End. When we be strong and push for our optimal End, our enemies will beg us to settle for the compromise solution. We Oromos don't have to emphasize the compromise, but we need to push for the optimal End. So "fool" Oromos with such compromise mentality need to stop their effort for the compromise solution and be bold to push for our optimal End!! In general let TPLF cadres do their divisive job and let's Oromos unite for the common End Kaayyoo!!

*The Opinions of The author Do Not Necessarily Reflect The Opinions of OromiaTimes.

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