August 10, 2009

Oppinion: ALL against one EVIL: current slogan of the opposition!! (By Fayyis Oromia)

ALL against one EVIL!!

No question the devil in the Horn of Africa is called Weyane. All nations in the region have this one common enemy. Ethiopian nations like Oromos, Amharas, Gurages, Sidamas, Somalis, Afars, Welayitas...etc and neighbouring nations like Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia joined the alliance. I think G7M starting to cooperate with OLF is the new version of AFD. This will be the beginning of the END for the devil of the Horn. One of the best sentences said by Dr Berihanu is: Weyanewoch iyekefaafeluun yaalluut, kennesuu bilxinnet yetenessaa sayihon, kenyaa moonyinnet yetenessaa newu!!

The two phases of struggle for freedom and democracy planned by AFD and now propagated by G7M are:
- first phase to achieve our FREEDOM
- second phase to build our DEMOCRACY!!
Now in the first phase, we ALL need to cooperate for freedom and later in the second phase we all can compete for power in a democratic way.

It is time for all opposition parties and liberation fronts including both "legals" and "illegals" to come to their sense, after the past 18 years of foolishness. Let all of them agree on one common ground, i.e common purpose: National INDEPENDENCE with Regional UNION.

There are four groups of politicians regarding this common purpose:

1) EPRDF, who claims to have achieved both national autonomy for all nations in the empire and forged a federalism (UNITY) based on "free will" of these autonomous nations.

2) EPRP and the conservative AEUP rejects national Independence (Autonomy) and cry only for Unity, by which they mean Unitarity.

3) ULFO of Oromo people and some other liberation fronts reject regional Union, but struggle for only national Independence like Gadaa Republic of Oromia disregarding the possible benefit of a regional union of all nations in the region.

4) AFD as well as MEDREK including some other moderate organizations like OFDM, UEDF of Prof. Beyene, UDJ and G-7 seem to struggle for establishing Regional Union (Eth. Union) with National Independence (freedom/autonomy) of all nations in the region. It was the vision of OLF from the very beginnig to achieve both Oromian Independence (national freedom) and if possible based on free will to forge Ethiopian Union (regional integration).

I hope the liar 1st group will be compelled to stop its deception. The 2nd and 3rd groups are loosing their mass base. Specially these two groups need to come to their sense and join the 4th group, for the current momentum is in favour of the 4th group. Those fronts and parties with such common purpose of National Independence with in Regional Union must forge a new all incluse alliance to get rid of the barbaric and fascist Weyane.

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