March 05, 2008

15 Ethiopian Troops Killed in Mogadisho

15 Ethiopian troops killed in Mogadishu
Tue, 04 Mar 2008 16:37:44
press tv

15 Ethiopian Soldiers have been killed in Somali capital, Mogadishu after insurgents attacked them by Bazookas and heavy mortars fire.

According to Presstv correspondent 15 Ethiopian Soldiers have been killed and more wounded in the al-Baraka neighborhood south of Mogadishu.

This is while a the previous night had witnessed the rape and killing of a Mother and her 17 year old daughter in the Industrial Street, one of the capital's main streets.

“I am very disturbed and sad over the killing of my mother and sister,” said Saciid Ali Mataan the son of the woman killed and added that the killing of innocent people is the result of 'Ethiopian colony.'

After the US-backed Ethiopian army toppled a government in Somalia in 1991, the country has become Africa's worst humanitarian catastrophe.

Somalia currently has no functioning national government and the country has been run for more than a decade by tribal factions and warlords.

UN officials have mainly maintained that "the country was in better shape during the brief reign of Somalia's Islamist movement" than it has been since Ethiopia invaded the country in December 2006.

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